Boots Meal Deal chickens out of sandwich filling

18 June 2010

It's not just armies that march on their stomachs; avid Bitterwallet readers do, too. And they're unlikely to fight for their consumer rights with a gnawing sensation in their gut. Take avid reader David, for example - he needed a hearty chicken and bacon sandwich as part of the legendary Boots meal deal to keep his strength up.

But when Dave went to eat his sandwich, bought from Team Valley in Gateshead, Boots gave him the bird. Or rather, they didn't:

Bitterwallet - chickening out of sandwich filling

Essentially a bread sandwich, then. Dave has complained to the customer service department at Boots, and to their CEO using the handy guide we published earlier in the month.

"They told me porkies about the poultry amount of filling - it's a foul way to treat customers, which is why I squealed on them," Dave might have said if The Sun had published his story.


  • james d.
    unless this is happening regularly this is a non story, this will obviously happen occasionally when something is in mass production.Why didnt he just go back to the shop and ask for another one. I once bought a 4 finger kit kat that only had 3 fingers, wanna put that up as a story?
  • laugh m.
    to be fair if you look closely you can see where the cheeky git has removed and eaten the filling and THEN taken the photo...actually...good idea...right, i'm off to boots!
  • woop
    @laugh a minute You're a dumbass.
  • Alexis
    "... it’s a foul way to treat customers," Not a FOWL way?? :-)
  • laugh m.
    @ woop no, YOU'RE a dumbass... (this could go on for a while)
  • OldMan
    @james dewitt on a side note, don't you feel special when you get a finger of kitkat thats whole chocolate?
  • Jonas
    Theres no pork in my pork pie! Im off to complain, as soon as Ive eaten this pork pie filling...
  • Will
    I've had many a meal deal from boots and never experienced this.+ it kind of looks like its been tampered with.
  • dolph
    ow wheres the salad doris?
  • dave
    I did not have time to go back to boots as i was busy with work , so i thought id hit a few emails out instead
  • woop
    @laugh a minute We could both be dumbasses... but I think it is just you. You and Will actually. "looks like it's been tampered with", well yeah the dude has opened it up. But if you look at where there are marks in the filling on one side of the bread there are like matching pieces on the other half of the bread. This is how a sandwich with fuck all filling would look like.
  • Amanda H.
    The M&S Chicken and Bacon is sublime. 100% Chicken Breast, Sweetcure Bacon, Lark felched mayonnaise, on Granary Bread. Yum (Oh, but dont buy the foie gras. It has been flown in from Louisiana and tastes like 2 stroke. )
  • Andrew R.
    Yep I work on Team Valley and often get Boots sarnies - have to say I've never experienced such a travesty!

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