Bitterwallet's Friday challenge - can YOU build a bigger bacon sandwich?

Yesterday we brought you news of a mammoth bacon sandwich, available at Tony's I-75 in Birch Run, Michigan. It professed to offer a whole pound of streaky bacon between the baps and the very sight of it could kill a horse at 100 metres.

Inspired, we decided to replicate the beast in the Bitterwallet laboratory yesterday afternoon (the kitchen - much to the disgust of the Dealspwn team), but we wanted to build a bigger bacon behemoth. The original used a pound of bacon, so we juiced our mother up to a full kilogram of raw pig:

Bitterwallet - our bacon sandwich attempt

Compare it to yesterday's sandwich, and it's clear they're either using a lot more bacon than they're letting on, or there's some photo-trickery involved. Regardless, the bar has been set - this is the sandwich we want you to beat this weekend.

We want to see your attempts to build a bigger bacon sandwich - and we'll refund all purchases of bacon used in your attempt, upon delivery of a scanned receipt and video evidence of your endeavour by 10am on Monday. We won't cover subsequent healthcare costs or any other damages that may arise as a result of this frankly foolhardy challenge.

Come on, avid readers! What have you got to lose except your mortality?


  • Basil B.
    Thanks BitterWallet, I've just ordered 100Kg of bacon from our finest butcher.
  • piggy
    How about some footage of a poor bugger eating it?
  • Paul S.
    Piggy - nobody wanted to, oddly. Basil Brush - good man, excellent! So long as you can prove you cooked it all for one sandwich, we'll refund you.
  • Foxy F.
    Now that *does* looks like a girlie garden.
  • mizzle
    Is applaud the effort but was there any need to use a cheese-topped bap?
  • Willy-wonka
    "full kilogram of raw pig:" - Looks like you cooked it to me?
  • Paul S.
    Perhaps we used raw pig in preparation of the bacon sandwich?
  • Paul N.
    We considered using a healthy whole grain bap but figured in for a penny in for a pound. We refrained from melting cheese all over the bacon though.
  • mizzle
    I've just seen tomorrow's Daily Mail lead headline; "Hundreds Die in Sick Internet Challenge" Followed by calls from bigoted columnists to ban the internet and possibly bacon.
  • F. F.
    I heard Mof often eats a excessive mouthful of pork.
  • Nobby
    There is definitely more than a pound of bacon in the one yesterday. Why else do you think Americans are a bunch of fat cunts? They cannot get food measurements right, and always underestimate.
  • mikebike
    How much brown sauce needs to be used on a Kilo of bacon then?
  • James
    Man that sandwich looks fucking delicious. Only got dry fucking cereal at the moment with no milk >_>
  • Aelynn
    To be fair, the original said it was a BLT... So there might be some tomatoes and lettuce hiding under the bacon. Might.
  • PokeHerPete
    That looks DISGUSTING! ...tiger rolls taste like shit.
  • bawbag
    Tiger rolls FTW
  • Jimbo
    @mikebike none if you use proper bacon rather than the fatty rind off of your mothers arse.
  • VB1:
    The Bird holding it had better calm down,looks like SHE has eaten one already!
  • Mungo S.
    I would love to know what Bitterwallet would do if all their readers took this offer up... i might even post it on HUKD.... buy bacon, make a sarnie and post a pic and bingo, free sarnie ! Can you also do a similar deal on how much beer you can drink? 10 pints i reckon and i will post a picture.

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