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Following a fat glut of recent posts, it's fair to say Bitterwallet's reputation as one of the web's leading authorities on bacon-based products is sending shockwaves throughout the intermaweb. If our inbox was a physical letterbox, the postman would be fisting it with all his might to ensure we received all our bacon=flavoured mail.

We received a rich source of bacon-related paraphernalia from one avid Bitterwallet reader - a blog dating back a couple of years but still worthy of inspection. First, perhaps the only possible way in existence to improve cake:

Bitterwallet - bacon cake

Next, a way to distract a child from the pain of a cut on their finger, by having them imagine a nice sandwich. Or a cake topping:

Bitterwallet - Bacon sticking plasters

And finally, even less consumer-related than the previous two, but our favourite in the Bitterwallet bunker:

Pig Butchering Guide

[Bit of Bacon]


  • me
    is your bacon Halal?
  • Marge
    Is your comment gay?
  • zeddy
    Is there any cure for this affliction?
  • Freddie M.
    Is this the real life?
  • Pedant
  • Gordon
    Also, check out Bacon Bits (, supposedly an Excel blog but leans heavily towards the 'piss taking and gourmet bacon heart attack experiences' side of Excel that is alas so often overlooked.

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