Bin Laden's death - Taiwan CGI news geniuses bring us the truth

We’re not sure how this fits into our Bitterwallet remit, but it’s late on a bank holiday and we’re a bit drunk so here goes – erm, actually we’ve got a ‘media’ category, so we’ll bang it in there.

It’s another genius piece of news coverage from Taiwan’s, the team who take the top stories and CGI the living daylights out of them, pumping them full of madness while they’re about it.

Of course, they’ve done the death of Osama Bin Laden, and of course it’s pretty gory. What’s your favourite bit – the bit where US soldiers piss on his corpse? Obama’s celebratory chest-bump? The bit where he gets gang-raped by pigs in Hell? Hard to decide…


  • Dick
    I had him down as a Bailey's man, not JD.
  • skinny b.
  • Mutineer
    This video is private, apparently...
  • Lao Y.
    Most Chinese were saddened and horrified, as shown on online poll, by Osama's death...why these Taiwanese attempt to stain image of great leader?

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