Behold! The greatest bacon sandwich in the universe!

Our love affair with bacon continues unabated. We've just booked flights to Michigan, where we'll be heading straight to Tony's I-75 on arrival. We've only paid for one-way tickets, however; the probability of living long enough to return home are slim to anorexic. Tony's I-75 is a restaurant in Birch Run, home to a BLT the size of your head and requiring a pound of bacon in the making. Looking at it is rumoured to cause angina:

Bitterwallet - bacon sandwich



  • Amanda H.
    Do you reckon the mummy pig is in the same sandwich with baby pig? Or maybe Brother & Sister Pig. That would be one tasty bap o fun.
  • Ian
    WTF?? IS DIS REAL???
  • Chunky
    Needs a little "Peppa".
  • Matthew D.
    Ewwwww... that looks disguiting. I'm a veggie and think all ou mean eaters are just nasty to those poor piggies. Hurrayy for the carrots!
  • Damian M.
    I love pork... especially in my a$$
  • JP
    I don't think their is any L or T in that bacon bomb
  • John K.
    I'm free!!!!
  • PaulH
    Sir Oinksalot
  • Imran H.
  • Nobby
    No way is that the greatest bacon sandwich. They haven't put any brown sauce in it.
  • Matthew D.
    Needs some man sauce
  • M4RKM
    now i like bacon... but no.. that's *pukes*
  • Ben
    reminds me of an ex-girlfriend :(
  • Stewie G.
    Looks like a vagina
  • Willy-wonka
    There is more FAT there than Bacon... where is the bottom, how you gonna pick that bad boy up?
  • Alexis
    With that amount, it really does just start to look like rotting carcass.
  • Foxy F.
    @stewie You must know some minging girls.
  • Basil B.
    That bacon's overdone. I hate eating leather especially over done bacon.
  • donttouchthehair
    That beast needs an egg!
  • donttouchthehair
    By the way, check out this Giant Bagel at Pimp That Snack, there's less bacon but it does single handedly bring the term "Bacon Weave" into social parlance!
  • Matthew D.
    hmmm.......i'd like to put all that in a sock and add some mayonnaise and get jiggy with it nasty style. Giggedy Giggedy!!!
  • Fabian
    Had to copycat that:
  • speedski
    you missed the fact its not just bacon is fecking DEEP FRIED bacon that goes in it. boom boom boom, another artery bites the dust...
  • Milky
    I agree this is deep fried shit bacon, too much grease to favour ratio. However you can achieve a similar crispyness by oven baking in a very hot oven, (Aga's seem best for this to me) which case bring it on, just beware it becomes a bit brittle.
  • Bitterwallet’s B.
    [...] we brought you news of a mammoth bacon sandwich, available at Tony’s I-75 in Birch Run, Michigan. It professed to offer a whole pound of [...]
  • Warwick H.
    Imran Hussain --- at least spell it right you ignorant wanker.
  • Mr W.
    Looks like the contents of my kid's nappy.
  • DEA_emahiser
    That is my Kinda Sandwich!!!

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