Bacon restaurant closes down because of the bacon stink

20 May 2013

bacon A bacon restaurant in San Francisco - called Bacon Bacon - has been ordered to shut its doors forever, thanks to the smell of bacon.

Who would have ever thought a bacon restaurant would stink of bacon? Well, for one, the neighbours who complained about it.

The owners apparently had months to address the "porcine aroma" and "grease disposal" issues, but alas, didn't manage to do so.

"It's frustrating," said owner Jim Angelus. "Two weeks ago, the health department showed up saying we had no permits. So we had a hearing and one person showed up saying they were opposed."

"They told us we had long enough to resolve these issues - and as a result, we have to cease operations May 17."

Piggin' awful, etc.

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  • Makin' B.
    Hardly surprising there is so much grease....if anyone here has tried american bacon its shit, they only have our equivalent to streaky bacon, no lean cuts.
  • dave
    If only they'd done something about the smell when they were told to do something about the smell.
  • klingelton
    love streaky bacon. can have it with anything and it tastes amazing.
  • Kevin B.
    Mmm, smell me, go on. I love the smell of me.

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