Bacon! It really is the gift that keeps giving!

So just to recap, then - you can wear it as a suit, you can use it as a pouring syrup over any meal, it's the perfect air freshener and of course it tastes bloody marvellous on a Sunday morning. But wait, there's more!

Bitterwallet - bacon dental floss



  • Amanda H.
    I challenge ye to a, errrr a challenge. In my nipper hood days, I remember eating bacon flavour crisps that were shaped like, ummmm piglets, and tasted of errrr bacon. Kinda like those kangaroo ones out now that taste like hedgehog farts. They may have been called piglets, they might also have been called lady curtain crunchies? Can anyone find these holy grail of potato snacks for moi?
  • Junkyard
    @ Amanda - I'm pretty sure you're thinking of Bacon Flaps.
  • Cheesy P.
    Burtons piglets
  • chunkygeek
    I think the phones have already started being modified as its apparently harder to do on phones bought in the last week or so. But the RIM dude bangs on about how they've been designing antennas for 20 years etc, But that still doesnt get away from the fact that Apple made it happen?
  • dawn
    @Amando they were called piglets and were hollow little crisps...I remember them too
  • Amanda H.
    @chunkygeek: wtf, we're trying to have a sensible discussion over here, get back to your non-bacon fruit based thread.
  • Amanda H.
    Ok, I have just come back from Burtons, I kindly asked for Piglets but was set upon by 2 security guards.
  • Bleary
    I'm often thinking of bacon flaps...
  • Zeddy
    @Bleary: Piss
  • J
    surely they are for dogs?!
  • Bitterwallet B.
    [...] Following a fat glut of recent posts, it’s fair to say Bitterwallet’s reputation as one of the web’s leading authorities on bacon-based products is sending shockwaves throughout the intermaweb. If our inbox was a physical letterbox, the postman would be fisting it with all his might to ensure we received all our bacon=flavoured mail. [...]

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