Bacon could kill you

2 August 2013

baconIt’s no secret that raw bacon, when still attached to the pig, could be seriously bad for your health. Anyone who’s watched/read Hannibal can tell you that. But now the Provision Trade Federation (PTF), which represents the interests of ham, bacon and processed meats suppliers (really) warned that bacon could be bad for you. The problem? It’s not salty enough.

Salt reduction campaigners like CASH (Consensus Action on Salt and Health) have been instrumental in setting lower and lower bars for salt content in your favourite salty pig-flavoured foods, and producers have been criticised for not meeting the 2012 reduction targets outlined in the Public Health Responsibility Deal.

But the producers are unrepentant. Clare Cheney, director general of PTF said “From the word go we were concerned about… safety… if the salt content were reduced”, complaining that the suppliers themselves “weren’t consulted” on the target levels. Trying to incite a public health scare she added, “we don’t think it would be safe for anybody to meet these salt reduction targets”.

Her argument stems from the risk of clostridium botulinum growth in vacuum packed processed meat products, a process that is slowed by the addition of salt. CASH, of course, recommend that bacon and ham merely be given a shorter supermarket shelf life to compensate. Which just means we’d all have to eat more bacon, quicker. Besides, if you were lucky enough to grow some botox on your bacon, you could just sell it to an old lady who wanted to look like a waxwork.

Whether you think bacon is too salty, not salty enough or just right salty, we don’t think you’re going to stop munching it anytime soon.


  • Chewbacca
    Not halal. Voted cold.
  • Jack
    Bacon is good for me
  • t4v
    Anything could kill you if you get enough of it and drop it from a great hight.
  • hotmail r.
    What about feathers? If i had a trillion (and I'm talking a long trillion, none of that panzy-ass short shit) feathers and dropped them from a mile up on to your general vicinity, would they kill you t4v? Not unless you were silly enough to hang around and get asphyxiated...
  • Grammar N.
    @ Hotmail Ruuules - if you compacted them into a dense ball then they could. This would reduce the air resistance of the feathers allowing them to fall faster.
  • t4v
    @hotmail ruuules, you just answered your own question there, some people are THAT silly!
  • t4v
    To pre-counter your next argument, you could have said helium but then I would say bottled and it wouldn't have to drop far to do some damage. :)
  • Dick
    Helium (not in a bottle) wouldn't drop on you, unless you were on a planet with no atmosphere.

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