All hail the... erm, Thatcher death T-shirts...?

Has Britain ever known a more divisive female figure than Margaret Thatcher? Some groups of people like to dress up as her and perform phone sex with each other, while others want to see her dropped into an active volcano. It’s a tough one and no mistake – perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between.

But if you’re a Maggie-hater, you might like to pop along to the Trade Union Congress conference in in Brighton, where just £10 will get you a T-shirt celebrating her hasn’t-even-happened-yet death. Look!


The small, controversial range is being sold by the guys and gals from the TUC-affiliated Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre, showing the kind of entrepreneurial spirit that will almost certainly see them departing the dole queue before too long.

Another of the T-shirts has a picture of the former PM’s Spitting Image puppet on it and the slogan ‘Hey ho the witch is dead’, with ‘In the event of Thatcher's death of Thatcher open bag and wear Tee shirt immediately’ written on the packaging.

Shay Boyle is selling the things and he told the Telegraph that £2 from every sale goes towards the centre, which has had its funding cut by £40,000. At the time of the interview, he had sold six. Our in-house numbers expert Maths Mike tells us that means that he has so far raised £12 for the centre. He adds that the difference between that and £40,000 is ‘vast’.

Meanwhile Cannock Chase MP Aidan Burley said: “This sick merchandise tells you all you need to know about some in the union movement - baseless, cowardly and utterly devoid of morality. Those anticipating and celebrating the death of an elderly lady and mainstream Western leader are simply beyond the pale.”

Mind you, Burley once went to a stag party where his mate was dressed as a Nazi so it’s a tough one…


  • Euan
    Pretty sad when anyone gets consumed with hate like that, I might disagree strongly with someone's politics but I'd not take pleasure in their death.
  • Andrew
    As with certain other extremists that have been killed recently, it's not specifically her death that should be celebrated, it's the threat her beliefs caused to millions of people.
  • Mustapha S.
    Only the lazy unemployed skol swilling primark shopping types hate her. The decent members of society hold her in high regard.
  • Inspector G.
    I am thankful that I live in a country that I too could create and sell such a t-shirt without fear of being executed or my family being put in a labour camp.
  • Sicknote
    Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre... ....or is this just a bunch of pissed scrounging Northerners too feckless to even start looking for work...? @Mustapha Shit - don't know Skol. I personally know several of the very hard working Maltese Skol brewers and they take pride in their work.
  • Alan
    Andrew, are you comparing an elected UK Government official with the likes of Bin Laden etc? Is she still a threat then and what threat was she (other than all the good work she did to get rid of unions) Well said Mustapha Shit Tool
  • Alan
    Tool is aimed at Andrew BTW
  • Greg
    Hey Euan, if she can take (financial) pleasure from the deaths of arabs, africans and others, there's no reason why others can't take pleasure from her death. We don't want to be guilty of double standards do we? Oh, in fact, yes we do! This is the Bitterwallet blog of course!
  • A W.
    We're not all pissed you know.
  • Zleet
    @ Mustapha Shit I only caught the tail end of her time as PM as I was child then. My Dad though, who worked all his life and did pretty well for himself, absolutely fucking hates her with a fiery passion.
  • Kevin
    Did he get permission from the owners of Spitting Image to reuse their copyrighted images? Hopefully a lawsuit is pending for that ;)
  • Another N.
    The North South divide is moving southwards if Sicknote is to be believed.
  • dazza1011
    yes she did so much good for this country sold off the electric & Gas so we are now paying higher prices every year closed profitable coal mines down that had massive seams of coal. sold off the telecoms business so we are stuck with wholly inadequate system for broadband. Sold off the railways higher prices again. and its all the unions fault ?
  • Natty
    Dont forget all the council housing she allowed to be sold off at cut price while fucking over private tenants.
  • Dick
    Which generation of trade unionists will it be? I can't wait for Tony Benn to die, so I can bury a beefburger on his grave. Veggie twat.
  • LancerVancer
    She was called "Milk Snatcher" for a reason. She was a cunt and seeing though she is still alive she is still a cunt.
  • Mike M.
    I quite liked her.
  • Tax D.
    Who gives a fuck what I think about anyone. If I wanna gloat at the death of a dried up cunt that's my business. If you're mark thatcher you bring your mercenary buddies back from trying to overthrow some mineral rich african country and see me at the burnley miners club any saturday at 9pm. Its called amorality, thank you Maggie.
  • Joseph Y.
    Agree with completly Dazza1011 & LancerVancer, she's a cunt who's deliberate actions wrecked this once fine country, destroying the north, creating the gap between the have's and the have not's which accelerated under another tory sic. cunt Tony Blair (who should be on trial, fucking mass murderer)* After many years working in the NHS (r.i.p) It took moving down under to realise what a living wage should be. Shame on us all (UK voters) that her & people like her (lansley, osbourne, johnson) get elected time and again just to fuck it all up trying to make us like the U.S.A p.s educated in the 80's, does it show . . . . . *allegedly
  • matt m.
    i hate thatcher and all torie's disgusting vile twats
  • Jimmy C.
    I for one will party when the cow meets her maker. Who will be the devil. Pensioners were freezing scared to put their heating on under that witch.
  • Lee G.
    Well it finally happened.

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