All hail the Bacon Sundae! Or hurl - it's up to you...

13 June 2012

We think this is real. We sincerely hope it’s not. We assume it’s only in the USA for now.

Sadly, it IS what it looks like – it’s a Bacon Sundae. 510 calories, 18 grams of fat and 61 grams of sugar right there in one inedible-looking disaster.

bacon sundae

Ice cream and bacon. ICE CREAM AND FUCKING BACON.


  • not c.
    Don't be such effing drama queens bitterwallet! Have you never had bacon syrup & pancakes? well the addition of ice cream is merely a little nudge further. I have this sort of thing at Wetherspoons all the time (well since they started serving pancakes anyway). While you are at it & clearly have the screaming fucking ab-dabs good old tate & lyle (preferable) is nice on rosti, with a bit of fried egg , bacon, sosso's etc... again very similar. & maple fucking bacon, that's been around for fricking years, minor differences! it a slow news day y'bastards? ..why not fry up some bacon & wait for the sounds of a mr whippy truck then try it yourselves? (flake optional) You big jessies! that reminds me bacon sprinkled popcorn (witha caramel & mapel syrup glaze) ...yum! snail porridge anyone?
  • Mike H.
    RIP not a rich speccy chef inna lab coat
  • cookie
    Apparently, Bitterwallet haven't seen Epic Meal Time.
  • Paddy
    Royal Caribbean do bacon cupcakes onboard their cruise ships. Mmmmm, bacon.....
  • Stu
    Also it's not even that high calorie or fat wise! Look at it compared to a ham and egg sarnie from pret Calories 476 Total Fat 17.7g Protein 24.9g
  • Ferret
    Awesome. Bacon cake rules, bacon Sundae is next level bacon dessert, I want one!
  • Chicken c.
    Chicken in a can anyone ?
  • Ian
    Yawn. Been around for ages.
  • Dick
    It would be better if it was served in a cup made out of pork crackling. If the cup is made before roasting the pig skin, these hold together very well. I like them filled with pork fat.
  • Spencer
    Roses are red Bacon is also red Poems are hard Bacon

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