UK PLC wants your ideas to save it from bankruptcy

osborne The country’s economy is in an unholy mess and the deficit has to be cut. But, as the ConDem government promised us, we’re all in this together (apart from the filthy rich members of said government), and they’re treating as a kind of Blue Peter appeal, but on a grander scale.

As of yesterday, the government’s Spending Challenge website is open to the general public, with crowdsourcing seen as a major way for us to get out of our fiscal pickle. We missed the launch as we’ve been watching the Raoul Moat thing 24/7 for the past week, only finally caving in 20 minutes before he did himself in at 1.15am this morning.

Get on the site and submit your ideas that could help us get more for less out of our public services. Public sector workers have already had a bash and now it’s the turn of real people. Don’t hold out any hopes of winning a big prize if your idea is used though – the country simply doesn’t have any spare money.

Our big scheme is for George Osborne to hand over all of his personal wealth to the nation and then fuck off to live in a storm drain in Rothbury, but that might be slightly influenced by this week’s television-watching.


  • rappy
    the condem party lol i like it
  • Amanda H.
    They are only asking other people, cause they really don't know what to do. They are like a monkey at the wheel of a Bus, nobody knows where he's going and nobody knows how he got there in the first place. (sooner or later it will crash, and starting flinging shit at people trying to help)
  • Andy
    Oh well, at least they are asking the nation whereas the last lot just us what was good for us, ID cards, 24 hour drinking....
  • P
    There are some amazing suggestions :
  • andy j.
    Suggestions read like the Daily Mail so far, no sign of what the Queen referred to the other day at the UN - common good.
  • delrio best typo i've found so far :)
  • MK
    That site demonstrates the level of spelling, grammar and punctuation reveals more about the indigenous English than their inability to put together a rational, coherent informed debate.
  • Zleet
    A sea of ALL CAPITALS, misspellings and racism. Surprised many of the people on that site know how to use the internet.
  • tom
    I think bitter wallet has crashed their server.

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