UK needs more cheap houses for rent

Britain needs a million more affordable houses to rent to avoid a homelessness crisis by 2021, a Cambridge University study has revealed. At the moment, the UK is already suffering a shortfall of 300,000 rented homes at below market prices. In London alone - where it costs a million pounds to live in an old Amazon box under the Westway with the crack fox - the shortage amounts to 190,000.


While the UK bristles with overpriced properties that are ‘stunning’ (ordinary), ‘bijou’ (suitable only for a Lego Minifigure) and boast ‘open aspects’ (view of abbatoir), a lack of cheap social housing will soon be epidemic.

Jack Dromey MP, the shadow housing minister said: ‘This is yet more evidence of the biggest housing crisis in a generation. The Government’s failure is having dramatic consequences for people all over the country.”

Meanwhile the government say they’re building 170,000 new affordable homes to rent by 2015, and are planning to accelerate the building rate.

It's doubtful that the Tories are really going to put a rocket under a huge social housing project, though, what with their intense hatred of council houses, poor people, devil dogs, curtains drawn in the middle of the day etc. You can bet they'll want everyone to buy, buy, buy.

So if you are unemployed, an asylum seeker, or on benefits, you should probably get your box sorted out now.


  • Geoff
    'Affordable' of course means in relation to average house prices in the area. So in London, that'll be £270K. The ultimate consequence of selling off vast swathes of social housing stock without a thought to replacing it.
  • Phil
    We are a small island nation . X amount of room and housing and Y amount of people . I must amend that Y amount of people, rising every day due to immigration laws that need updating. I am not racist , just British and want British ( born , not adopted ) people to have first choice on homes and British jobs. There are plenty of houses and homes here IF , we start looking after our own first !. I have a son that lives with his gf in a run down , house share that is poorly maintained and until i stepped in , had no gas certificate !. Funnily enough , it was mostly rented out to immigrants and youngsters !. It seems , some landlords are making fortunes out of the situation and are quite happy to make money out of peoples hardships . This needs to be addressed too . I state again , i am not racist , just an Englishman that loves his country
  • haggis
    @Phil Fuck me you really do hold your mouth wide open to swallow the governments bullshit sex juice don't you. It's always either the immigrants, the unemployed, the disabled etc etc. You fucking idiot. The problem isn't immigrants. It's the massive amounts of money being held by the 1% and banker profiteering on ludicrously overpriced housing. Develop some critical thinking faculties or cunt off.
  • shiftynifty
    Haggis...Phil cannot...because he is a racist....trouble is , there are alot of phils....
  • Mr M.
    So plenty more stock for the buy to let brigade to fleece the poor with.
  • Mustapha S.
    I'm a home owner after years of being careful and not pissing away money on sky, fags, drugs or pies, so don't give a fuck if the feckless, lazy and stupid in society are moaning because their benefit cash won't spread to a 200k house as well. I welcome more immigrants, will work for fuck all, my company has never done so well.
  • ZZZ
    Im an immigrant and I recently bought a house in the best area in Sheffield. Your government don't give me a shit and continue to give priority to those 'fake refugee' free accommodation. What a shame.
  • haggis
    @Mustapha Shit See my post above.
  • badger
    The country doesn't need a million more homes, it needs 10 million fewer people. Result: full employment in better jobs, more tax revenue collected, less pollution of all varieties, more greenbelt, better quality of life. Bliss.
  • bag o.
    @haggis See me after school.
  • OldGit
    Stop housing being an 'investment' (by taxes or whatever) and dont prop up the market (with cheap money) and house prices/rents will fall. However, you'll get negative equity and repossessions in the fallout.
  • Jasminehatesnewbarnet
    Actually there are a plethora of unused empty houses around the country that councils and the government could revitalise. Far cheaper and more ecologically sound than new build. Also less noisy as walls are thicker. I am thankfully leaving London and will not be sorry to leave rude and aggressive land. And my working class neighbours who laugh and bang on my walls and discuss ways to get me out because they say I am middle class and very pretty. Yes the chavs have taken over London. Black, Asian or white. They are the real problem. Not immigrants.
  • Teddy E.
    You misheard, Jasmine. They said you were very petty.

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