Tories won't be emptying bins once a week

dusty_bin Remember when the Conservatives told everyone that weekly bin collections would be coming back? Well, they're not doing it anymore.

Eric Pickles - a man who must generate incredible amounts of waste at an disgusting rate - was the man who said that he would see an end to fortnightly collections and was going to throw £250m at the initiative. However, after a spending review, this isn't happening now.

"It is a very expensive scheme and it has proved to be a pretty ineffective one,” a source says. “It would be very surprising if it survives the spending review. There are other priorities. It’s time to move on.”

A spokesperson for the Department for Communities and Local Government said that they are still supporting more regular bin collections.

"The government encourages councils to support the wishes of local people, many of whom believe every household in England has a basic right to have their rubbish taken away every week," said the spokesperson. "The government continues to champion frequent and convenient bin collections, which protect the environment and public health. We will also be working with local authorities to make recycling easier for people."

"This department also published guidance on weekly rubbish collections, which showed that local authorities can make savings while not harming the quality of the service that local taxpayers receive."


  • Russ
    Politician lies. NEXT!
  • Albi
    Try every THREE weeks Pickles. It's simply impossible to make it work and I have to fill the car with rubbish and go across the border in Salford to dispose of the excess every fortnight.
  • X
    In parts of Spain, they get their bins emptied every day, clearly we all must push for equality with them! Jesus, who needs a bin collection every week? (If you think you do, you're making too much waste)
  • Father J.
    I'd like to see that cunt Pickles jammed in a wheelie bin.

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