The cardboard laptop stand - good things come in flat packages

Finally, a post without childish banality, puerile language and any reference whatsoever to iPhones, Apple, DSGi, 3, Ryanair, Setanta or Tesco. In fact there's no need to slap on the cynicism and powder this post's posey in potty-mouthed filth. It's a straight forward, simple-as-you-like post, just like the cardboard laptop stand.

It's a dead simple bit of design that'll manage most laptops of regular size and weight. There are the health benefits too, it's obviously recyclable and it costs far less than the plastic equivilent.

Why mention it? Because it'll save you a lot of money compared to other stands and because it's a clever idea. There we are. And not a single mention of twatsticks or Sky Marshall O'Leary. Apart from those two, obviously.


  • Martin
    Is it really very portable though? If it gets bent in your laptop bag, it will always bend in the same place and not have the stability. So do you need a hard plastic case to carry it in.
  • Mike U.
    I bought the plastix equivilent on eBay a while back, folds flat for east storage, only cost £7 incl postage This items a rip off!!!!
  • DiscoRhino
    Or make your own one for free...
  • cheapskate
    What a rip off! £7.50 for half a cardboard box!
  • Junkyard
    @ Martin - if my laptop bag somehow gets bent in half while my laptop is in it, I think a kink in a £7.50 piece of cardboard would be the least of my worries.
  • Ciera T.
    hi just thougt I'd say I really like this laptop

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