Tata Steel to axe 1,050 UK jobs

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Tata Steel is about to axe 1,050 jobs, starting with 750 at the Port Talbot plant, and another 300 at other sites across the United Kingdom. This follows the 1,200 jobs the company got rid of in October, in Lanarkshire and Scunthorpe.

The reports come from a source who spoke to Sky. Officially, a spokesperson said: "We have no announcement to make at present. If we have significant news we would always tell our employees first."

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills call this situation "deeply concerning". A BIS spokesperson said: "While this remains unconfirmed by the company, these reports are deeply concerning and this must be a worrying time for the workforce."

"The Government continues to engage closely with Tata on how we can help during this difficult period."

"The Government has taken clear action to help the industry, through cutting energy costs, taking action on imports, government procurement and EU emissions regulations, meeting key steel industry asks."

One of the things that has been affecting British steel works, is cheaper imports from China - a country that is currently being heavily courted by Chancellor George Osborne.

Roy Rickhuss, General Secretary of the steelworkers' union Community, has previously said: "We want to see the UK steel industry survive long enough to benefit from planned infrastructure spending and the apprenticeship funding announced today. However the future of the industry is at risk now."

"Yet again the Chancellor has failed to fully understand the crisis facing the steel industry. Although many of the challenges are a result of the global steel market, the fact that our steel producers are not competing on a level playing field within Europe is down to the policies of his government. Short-term measures around business rates and environmental and energy costs are essential to give the steel industry some hope and to encourage steel producers to hold their nerve and preserve skills and assets and there was nothing new from the Chancellor about this today only more promises about what the government will do tomorrow."

"But it's not only short-term action that the industry needs. We also need a signal about the long-term future for the industry and a demonstration that the government is bold enough to take pro-active steps and do everything in its power to attract investment and build a sustainable future for steel."

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