Submit your home expenses to the Government

Ever since the boss submitted a claim for a paper bag of glossy grumble, we've abused the Bitterwallet expenses system like a pervert abuses butter. That said, our efforts pale in comparison compared to the antics of our elected representitives.

Not to worry, because now you can get your own back thanks to the newly founded Department of Home Expenses. Simply navigate through a few drop-down boxes to determine what you'd like to claim for, and the DOHe website will automatically generate your claim form and send it to the leaders of the three main political parties. If you're unsure which three they are after this morning's election results, that's Labour, the Tories and the Liberal Democrats.

Minutes ago, Bitterwallet submitted a claim totalling over £65,000, so expect us to spend the rest of the month on the lash in Prague. Alternatively, expect our email address to be added to an ever-growing list of infidels who'll shortly wake up in a burning barrel, on the back of a flatbed lorry plunging over the edge of a ravine.


  • Rune
    Fantastic, just waiting for the phone call from the plod about unsubstantiated claims. If it's really going to the 3 main parties, then they'll be claiming for a bigger spam filter...
  • David
    Tried, submitted. Don't hold out any hope though - except for an investigation, and being dragged off for a 'discussion' whilst tied down and subjected to water-boarding.
  • roosterpots
    lovin it :D filled in my expenses form Just over £65,000 hmmm ill be waiting by the door for the friendly postman to bring me my cheque lmao
  • Claim W.
    [...] BitterWallet. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "Claim Your Own Expenses!", url: [...]
  • Francis R.
    Just submitted a £14565 claim, doesn't sound enough, I'll look through my receipts, see what I can find.
  • Freddie M.
    I could do with a duck pond for my duck house. What do you reckon, can we make the rules fit as usual?
  • Antique A.
    I set out a claim for a mere £65,813.00. My claim for sundry expenses incurred as a member of the Select Committee investigating the exploitation of Thai lady boys in South East Asia will come later.
  • reg C.
    Hello taxpayers and down-trodden. Glad you like this. Yes! It really does send an email to Brown, Cameron and Clegg. (See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil). I should imagine it's getting spammed out by the HOC postmaster. (You should get a receipt in your own in box with a copy of the email as confirmation. - Though you can opt to keep your email private - incase you think some dodgy old MP is going to jump you in a dark alley! Nevermind - it made me feel better just making the claims...

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