Spitting on the street could cost you £80

Waltham Forest Council in North East London is the first council to introduce a fine for spitting on the street - and it adds up to £80 for each filthy expectoration you do on the pavement. As part of a crackdown on littering, the scheme was trialled in February after two young ne-er do wells were caught and given an £80 spot fine. When they refused to pay, the fine went up to £300 each to pay legal costs.

spit the dog

The local authority has deemed spitting as ‘disgusting and socially unacceptable’ and it received complaints from residents, who were fed up of slipping in phlegm on their way to the shops.

Waltham Forest deputy leader Clyde Loakes said: ‘We are going after anti-social spitters who really irritate our residents by leaving piles of spit on streets and in bus shelters. It’s common decency. Hopefully we can eradicate this disgusting habit.’

But the fixed penalty has its critics, specifically the families of the prosecuted spitters, Khasheem Kiah Thomas, 18, of Hackney, east London, and Zilvinus Vitkas, of Ilford, Essex. 'It's a bit harsh,' said Thomas’ granny, Patricia Thomas.

She also said he was a ‘good child.' (despite the fact he’s currently residing at Feltham Prison and Young Offenders Institution awaiting sentence for robbery) and added: 'I personally think it is a disgusting thing to do, but I do see children and adults of all nationalities, young and old, spitting. That should mean everybody should get a fine.’


  • whatever
    Phlegming hell.
  • SG
    Well done Waltham Forest. Disgusting activity, and why does it seem to be only men that do it?
  • Quietus
    Completely agree. It's disgusting, and wholly unnecessary. Teaching these cretins about common decency has to start somewhere, so it may as well start with spitting.
  • DW
    Not to mention the threat of TB. Role models include Premier League footballers I'm afraid.
  • jim
    yeah TB is an airbourne disease - so spitting spreads it. also its getting resistant to antibiotics. meaning we will all die of it in a few decades like we used to a hundred years ago - main reason people died in cities before penicillin true dat
  • stuart
    what if a fly goes in your mouth and you spit it out, I've had that a few times in the past.
  • Michael O.
    You don't see any spitting in China, do you Captain Cretin?
  • fibbingarchie
    stuart, try breathing in and out through your nose, that should do the trick.

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