Service stations shamed into changing their petrol pricing

14 May 2013

Not content with charging the earth for a Grab Bag of Quavers and a pine forest Magic Tree, service stations seem to think they can charge what they like for petrol, too.


Prices at the pumps at your average motorway services can be 10p a litre higher than elsewhere, but that’s soon going to change, say the Government.

They want to make them advertise their prices on the road, to create competition between service stations and ‘drive’ prices down. So you will never again be stuck at the South Mimms Welcome Break with tears in your eyes and a petrol bill of £2 million pounds. It happens in France already, so it must be good, right?

Pete Williams from the RAC welcomed the proposal, which is currently being drawn up by the Downing Street Policy Unit.

‘This is welcome news for motorists and commercial drivers but we still need motorway services to be transparent and fair on all their prices. They have held the motorist to ransom for far too long – let’s hope that Number 10 encourages them to sort out their food prices and their parking charges too.’

Encouraging words for anyone who has ever had to extend their mortgage so they can buy a Costa coffee and a tuna melt panini that tastes like fish weetabix.

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  • Richard
    Not more bleating about petrol prices. You don't have to fill up on a motorway.
  • Alexis
    How on earth is displaying the prices going to make them cheaper? It doesn't work on normal roads. Shell and Tesco are right next door to each other near me and Shell don't care about shouting that they're 2p dearer.
  • jiva
    This already works if you bother to check before leaving the house:
  • Captain.Cretin
    If they follow the system inb France, the signs will have the prices for the next 4-5 stops, so you can light-foot it and try and reach the cheapest option ~ 60km down the road - on your remaining 5 litres of fuel.
  • Dasher
    Petrol prices used to be advertised on motorways years ago and then it stopped. Either the fact that the overpriced pence per litre put people off and they just got off at the next junction for something cheaper, then I had a thought about the poor sod who had to trudge down the hard shoulder with a ladder and load of numbers in his hand, clamber up a 15ft sign in a breeze of trucks and cars beating past to change the price.
  • Mike O.
    @Dasher Was that in 1967 you thought that? Would think there's a fair chance the boards would be electronic these days. You utter etc etc
  • Captain.Cretin
    @ Mike - You could still find a few of those boards on the motorways in the late 70's/early 80's, but they only advertised the price for ONE service station, usually 1-2 miles before you reached it. Maybe the government could use those stupid overhead displays that currently either tell you it is "x" miles and "y" minutes to a junction you dont want; or tell you there was an accident/fog/heavy traffic last week.

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