Rogue letting agencies need to clean up their act

15 April 2013

If you've given a month's deposit to a dodgy geezer in a cheap tie and never seen it again, you might be one of the thousands of tenants demanding better regulation of letting agencies.

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Unscrupulous letting agents are currently at liberty to run off with people's hard earned money and refuse to fix urgent problems. But an amendment to regulate letting agents in England will be presented in the House of Commons next week, in a move to clamp down on rogue agencies.

At the moment, complaints about letting agents to the Property Ombudsman have increased by 9% from last year to 8,000. New legislation would make it compulsory for letting agents to belong to an Ombudsman scheme so that tenant’s rights are protected.

'At the moment anybody could set up as a letting agent. They don't have to promise to give minimum standards to the tenants or to the landlords." Said Labour peer Baroness Hayter of Kentish Town.

So if the bill is approved, you’ll no longer be at the mercy of fly-by-night letting agents called 'Lets Be Honest' with an office in their mum’s shed. Which can only be a good thing.

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  • _me_
    But I bet they don't go as far as they do in Scotland with fees. In Scotland, fees and charges are illegal. Before you townies and country bumpkins start whining about buying houses, in London where a 2-3 bedroom house could easily exceed £300k, it's normal for many professional people to rent. Some of these letting agencies will charge upwards of £1000 in fees before the 6-8 weeks deposit. For some, this could easily be over £3k which is probably more than many of you had to save for your 5% deposit on the £60k house in Derbyshire!

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