Rats! Tesco fined £23,000 for vermin infestation

Dirty, filthy Tesco. That's not the personal opinion of Bitterwallet, you understand, it's a matter of public fact. They're the supermarket with the pissed-stained, shit covered shelves, who feed rats your groceries before you buy them for yourself. Disgusting, vermin-infested Tesco. That's them.

Bitterwallet - Tesco Extra fined for rat infestationThe supermarket was investigated after a customer bought a packet of bagels from the Tesco Express store in Holborn last December. On arriving home, she noticed the bag has been split and one of the bagels had been partly eaten. A health inspector from the City of London's Environmental Health Department looked into the matter, and on visiting the store found shelves covered in rodent muck and mess. Lovely.

Tesco were marched off to court, where they were fined £10,000 for each offence, another £3,000 for failing to provide secure food premises, and slapped with court costs of nearly £9,000. And obviously, the dirty, filthy supermarket isn't happy about losing so much money made by selling comestibles from its rat infested store, and claimed there were issues with how the investigation was conducted:

"We take hygiene issues extremely seriously and carry out regular checks, including pest control, in all of our stores. We are considering our options following the decision."

One option to consider would be not to let rats shit and piss in your store. Every little helps, Tesco.



  • Adam
    Their bagels taste like rat shit anyway.
  • Alex C.
    Sould'nt that read: We take hygiene issues extremely seriously when we get caught and a 16 year school kid on £5 an Hour who was doing the checks has just be sacked.
  • Alex C.
    On the plus side: With Double Clubcard Points and 4 x their value in Meal Deals, the bagels got back 8p towards some food that wont make you sick.
  • Bob
    They should try the Covent Garden branch, you have to check the bread before taking it off the shelves to make sure there's not a rodent family nesting in there.
  • Tommo
    I agree it's freaking gross in there - I had to peel a box of cereal of the sticky shelf and it left half the box behind
  • dave
    this is normal for many supermarkets, i use to work for tescos and if you reported a rat they took it very seriously, callling in pest control almost immediately so what the hell were they doing at this store, rightly fined, but a friend who use to work at sainsburys said rats were in their warehouse for up to 3 months once so i think it's normal for rats to infest supermarkets unfortunately.
  • cookie
    This has reminded me of the lol-tastic time in Tesco Purley a few months ago when there was a pigeon loose in the store. Watching the complete and utter fuck-tard who kept going after it with his footstool, bucket and a newspaper was quite possibly one of the highlights of my 2009 thus far. It was mostly the way that it was always sat up on the top of the shelves at each given aisle and then just proceeded to fly five aisles down in another direction any time the guy got near that really made the moment. This 'member' of staff, couldn't quite grasp that this tact wasn't working and as such, provided me with a good ten minutes of amusement and likely helped several aisles worth of food to end up covered in pigeon excrement. Yum.
  • david
    filthy mugs!
  • Denton
    I live in central Croydon where there are four Tesco express stores. The staff in each are often rude and care little about the needs of customers! From the way food items like bread is often thrown on the floor before being stacked on shelves, to the deliberately damaging of items like bananas by bashing them on the counter before payment! Dare you speak out about such behaviour, the result is you will find yourself treated with contempt and spoken about just under their breath. Once I caught a Store supervisor or manager in one of the stores saying to the security guard, "does he think he owns the store?", no wonder their share price has fallen dramatically if this is how they feel about we who pay their salaries? Closer & Clandestine supervision is the only answer. I would also suggest productivity related pay as a staff member once commented to me that, "they got paid anyway!!!" I've seen bread that has lost it wrapping resealed with sellotape and put back on the shelf, and that's after I pointed it out to a manager! The result is I now get a very frosty reception in the St George's Tesco express in central Croydon. I feel that I am made to feel welcomed and that's even includes senior staff.
  • sophie
    I am a resident in the flats directly above the Tesco express store in waltham cross I overheard a conversation from another resident about sightings of rats so I kept an eye out where they had been spotted. Then 1 day I was sat in my front room when I heard a scream from the store cupboard below I jumped up had a look it was a member of staff from Tesco running from a rodent. I rang environmental health immediately on the Monday they carried out an investigation on the Friday where they found 2 dead rats and a floor covered in droppings which indicates to me this has been a problem for a while! I then heard rentokill checking the cupboards below an say there was 10 possibly more nesting in the store. They put there poison down and controlled the situation so I left it at hat untill today when I went to enter my building to find a rat in my hallway . I stormed into Tesco to speak to a manager who wasn't there. I spoke to a member of staff who said it was not there problem there's had been treated. When I walked away he made hand gestures behind my back. I walked round to the car park to phone environmental health again when I found another dying rat! When I entered the building there was many flies and an awfull fishy smell where a rat had died on the roof. Tesco's problem is now mine and they don't accept responsibility for this they are rude about the matter and not helpful atall and don't accept they have created this problem! I have a 12 year old who lives in the accommodation along with a dog we are all at risk from this scummy.problem. yes supermarkets do have trouble with pests but I'm sure they deal with it a lot better than this! Be warned Tesco do not care about u or how your treated intact all they care about is the money clearly!! Disgusting! So much for they take hygiene seriously hey. And obviously the checks have been ignored in this case or the problem would not have got so bad!! Every little out of our pockets does help to them!!

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