Rampant sickies are killing Britain!


Sick leave – it’s all the rage in the UK. As many as 960,000 employees went on sick leave for a month or more, each year on average between October 2010 and September 2013, according to new research by the government.

It is said that more than 130 million days were lost to sickness absence in the UK, which impacts on workers, employers and taxpayers, and employers face a yearly bill of £9 billion for sick pay and around £4 billion in lost earnings.

Obviously the government of ‘the hard working’ aren’t having any of it, so as part of the launch of the Health & Work Service, employees will be expected to have health assessments, and also draw up timetables of when they aim to be better.

The Health and Work Service will help employees who have been on sickness absence for 4 weeks to return to work and support employers to better manage sickness absence among their workforce. It's expected to save employers £70 million a year and cut the time people spend off work by 20% to 40%".

The new Health and Work Service will be funded through the abolition of the Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) Percentage Threshold Scheme (PTS) - an outdated system which does nothing to promote or support active management of sickness absences by either the employer or employee.

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  • Slacker
    And yet again it's the demonisation of those least able to defend themselves. Instead of pursuing this relatively small amount of money why can't Cameron and his chums go after all the corporations which owe billion upon billion in unpaid taxes? I suppose this will be easier, satisfy the Daily Mail-reading Tory voters and have the added bonus of not upsetting any of their own, eh?

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