Product placement means McFlurry of cash for commercial TV

You've seen outrageous examples of it in films and American television for years, and now British TV execs are wetting their panties at the thought of the Government lifting restrictions on product placement. The ban will remain for children's television shows and those produced by the BBC, but commercial television channels stand to generate annual revenues of up to £100 million.

Of course, it'll be in the interests of programmes that any product placement is subtle, so not to detract from editorial direction or critical plot elements. That said, we'd like you to think up some thoroughly catastrophic examples of products married up with entirely the wrong programme, situation or character. How wrong could product placement go? There's no prize, except for the half-full bag of Minstrels that Andy has left on his desk - crispy, creamy, full of delicious rich chocolate and perfect for a lazy night in or the big screen. The Minstrels, not Andy.

While you scribble down some suitably conflicted examples, here's Jon Stewart taking a breakfast news programme to task over some outrageous product placement (and for Jon Stewart fans, here's what happened afterwards when Joe "Morning Joe" Scarborough protested his innocence):

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  • 10n116
    imagine the product placement form the trueman show in real life lol
  • Robert
    10n116 - lol I was thinking the exact same thing
  • Mark (.
    Wow, this comment box looks great on this 22" LG TV/Monitor - truly the centrepiece of any living room. Life's good.
  • Junkyard
    How about if a company such as Cisco Systems got product placement in 24? No-one would ever buy their equipment again, after seeing CTU's systems getting compromised by terrorists week after week!
  • Paul N.
    Does anyone watch The Wire? I noticed the phone boxes in the "white/good" scenes are Verizon branded but the scenes in the highrises or other gang related scenarios are not Verizon branded. Crazy.
  • chris
    paul could also be that some phone companys dont have phones in the ghettos these might actually just be phone boxes on location and not product placement
  • Paul N.
    The product placement is unfortunately not that subtle... I did a quick google and seems I'm not the only one noticing it was pretty blatant product placement although no-one seems to have noticed it wasn't on the payphones in the "rough" areas - just on payphones in the "nice" areas.
  • Rob L.
    I've actually found myself looking out for less-than-subtle product placement in several films recently (often it can be more interesting than the film itself). I've noticed that computers generally seem to be provided by Apple or Dell, for some reason. The Island with Ewan McGregor was outrageously bad for it, but of course they've been doing it in Bond films for ages - Aston Martin for example.
  • Nobby
    If Emmerdale (Farm) do a day trip episode to Spearmint Rhino or similar, it might be worth watching.
  • Nobby
    Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure also had quite strong product placement for a certain search engine.
  • goon
    dave gorman is a tallentless boring prick

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