[Pic]: What to do now that I'm unemployed

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This list first surfaced a couple of years ago, but in this current climate, may just give some direction for all the previous staff at Bear Stearns and Woolworths something to do instead of sitting around scratching their bums.



  • jen
    Hehe nice.
  • Jacob
    Yeah, because it's funny when people lose jobs.
  • -=Mike H.
    FAF (Funny as Fuck, If you're not in there with the 'kids' not in a peadophiliac type of way or owt, you know, just down with them, not in a sexual way or owt...)
  • Roman
    Someone losing a job isn't funny.. but this list REALLY isn't funny. It's just.. fail.
  • Paul N.
    What happened to keeping your chin up and a sense of humour ?
  • Giles
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78XrI_2bPVA&feature=related reminds me of the list at 1:17 ish :)
  • blackgerbil1
    LOL I will never be unemployed as I roll round in my 40k Merc and Earn 120k a year I laugh at Recession all those that have lost their jobs cv's send out bench press 130kg's ????? Profit

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