New and improved consumer rights? Yes, please

Consumer watchdogs are welcoming new government proposals to strengthen consumer rights. At the moment consumer laws - especially those relating to online purchases - are murkier than Nigel Farage’s lunchtime pint.


But the ALL NEW draft Bill of Rights, which seeks to simplify rights for businesses and customers, would reform the law on unfair terms and conditions.The bill would also give consumers more power over faulty downloads and digital purchases.

Lib Dem Consumer Minister Jo Swinson said: 'We want to make sure consumers are confident about their rights in everyday situations, be it their washing machine breaking down or an online game they purchased always crashing. This will also benefit businesses as they are going to spend less time working out their legal obligations when they get complaints from customers.'

The bill would be designed to ease the suffering of hacked off consumers, who currently spend a mind boggling 59 million hours a year complaining, crying down the phone and threatening to firebomb guilty companies.

If the legislation goes through, we could all be looking at more power over the dodgy dealers who sell us terrible services and defective guff and expect to get away with it.

Of course, no story about consumer rights would be complete without a quote from Richard Lloyd from Which! What do YOU think, Richard?

‘The new Bill of Rights will bring consumer law into the 21st century at last, making it easier for everyone to know their rights and giving people more power to challenge bad practices… This will be good for consumers and good for businesses that try to do the right thing by their customers."

Ricardo, he say yes. That means everything is going to be OK.

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  • MartinRH
    I had to read that one twice before my cynical eye found the key word that negates the warm fuzzies I was feeling on first reading... P R O P O S A L S. Yup, there he is, hiding in plain sight right on the first line. How about a NEW! PATENTED! update of Government to bring it (screaming and kicking of course) out of the middle ages and into the digital age? In other words, can somebody "photoshop" the pic to say "It's Done" instead of "Make it Happpen", install a few grands worth of "vote" push buttons in the chamber, and make MP's Attend, and actually WORK 9-5 6-day weeks* instead of the useless, occasional untrained Chimpanzee show that BBC Parliament carry at present? Oh and those long vacations? Do they think they are all still at School? *(they could work 16 hour 7-day weeks until they get the deficit back into the black) SNAFU - all is as it should be, I thought for a moment there that BW had lost it's B -ness

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