MPs Voting To Keep Expenses Hidden After All

Here’s a sneaky one from the devious, self-serving scumbags that are otherwise known as our elected members of Parliament.

Back in May 2008, the High Court ruled that MPs were legally bound to publish their expenses under the Freedom Of Information Act. With the clock ticking to the publication deadline, and after spending almost a million pounds of taxpayers’ cash and seven months compiling the data, they are now trying to pass a law that will render all of that worthless and make them exempt from the original High Court ruling.

The announcement of this new vote was snuck out on the quiet last week at the same time as the new Heathrow Terminal story broke. The hastily-timetabled vote is THIS Thursday. Nice, eh?

There’s more info at Parliament-watching website TheyWorkForYou and you can email your MP directly from that site if you feel that you’d like to apply a little bit of polite, friendly pressure. Ask your MP to lend you a fiver and you might get your name mentioned on a register at some point in the future.


  • Shauneco
    Typical, I'm not into politics, Of coarse they don't want you to know about all the garbage they've blew our money on, It's an in disposable income they'll all have a dab in.
  • The B.
    I'm sure the nanny, plasma tv, new kitchen, new bathroom and multitudes of prostitutes (male & female)were all essentials that needed to be written off as expenses, after all it's not as though an elected member of parliament would ever lie is it?
  • Pizza_D_Action
    For the good it will do, e-mail your MP, possible template below: Dear , I'm writing to ask you to vote against the draft Freedom of Information (Parliament) Order 2009 this Thursday. I feel that an effective Parliament, which works for the the people, should be an open and transparent Parliament and this Order goes against these principles. With this in mind, do you think it is acceptable if other public servants did not have to account for their expenses? Likewise, MPs should not be exempt. I hope that you agree with me on this matter, and therefore vote against the draft this Thursday and also sign Jo Swinson's Early Day Motion. is going to prominently display whether or not you vote for or against this Order, and that both voting for, and abstention, will be noted as a vote against greater transparency and against the democracy that this government should be upholding. As my elected representative in Parliament, I hope you will vote against this Order. Yours sincerely, Taken from the facebook group.
  • Chilliman
    What an absolute joke, trying to hide things like this is surely another dozen nails in their coffins when it comes round to election time! I cannot believe they have the balls to try and hide what they are spending my money on, no doubt it will be passed, very, very wrong!!!!!!
  • Amanda H.
    Well, I think we should calculate it ourselves, I can personally tell you Mr Cameron spends £250 a night with me.
  • Mike H.
    You cheap slag Amanda, Mr Cameron loves Mike Hock, and what sort of a name is "Taken from the facebook group" Pizza? that must piss you off when on the phone eh? Your mum, Mike Hock
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "another dozen nails in their coffins when it comes round to election time!" Only problem is, the pigs eating from the blue and yellow (orange?) trough will all vote to hide them too....
  • Amanda H.
    Cheap? You wouldn't say that if was YOUR council tax payment. The things we did with your October Payment. Everything was fine until Mosley turned up with that cactus.
  • The B.
    Tell ya what, I've now posted about it 6 times on the various related threads on the Standard website (and being part of the mail group they let most of my trolls through) but not this, they don't want to touch it, presumably waiting for it to happen so they can get an article out of it.
  • The B.
    Where's Andrew "swastiki" Gilligan when you need him?
  • Andy D.
    Vote scrapped. Full update to follow.
  • MPs B.
    [...] to our story from yesterday which highlighted MPs’ plans to tweak the law so that they wouldn’t have to publicly declare [...]

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