Money for old rope? Not quite. Money for an old Datsun? Maybe...

Got a rusted up old banger clogging up your driveway, making you feel physically sick whenever you see it? You’d love an upgrade, but in the current climate, you just can’t stretch to the amount it would cost you for even a half-decent second hand motor.

You could be in luck. Government plans are afoot to introduce a ‘scrappage premium’ to be handed out to motorists who junk their old, eco-hating cars, with suggestions that the payout could be as much as £2,000.

Scrappage (it might not be a real word but we’re happy enough with it) schemes are growing in the EU, with seven countries actively running them – the Germans are the most generous, doling out £2,200 to anyone who gets rid of a car nine years or older.

The idea is that the premiums will encourage motorists to hit the showrooms and invest in new cars, stimulating the market, and helping to reverse sales figures that dropped by 31% last month.

We’ve got a virtually knackered 12-year old Rover 400 sitting here that you can have for £1,500 now if you fancy hedging your bets and trying to make a quick profit should the scrappage scheme be introduced. Don’t all rush at once will you?


  • P E.
    fucking typical, ive scrapped 4 shitters in the past year!
  • Shaune
    I'd be a millionaire...!!!!
  • Wyliekid
    bad idea, means that the minium price for an old banger would be 2k....
  • -=Mike H.
    BMW's and Audi's make me physically sick, is that the same thing?
  • Diodorus S.
    This has been going in Ireland for years and means that as long as you can drive any old car into the forecourt you can get about €2000 for it. While the rational behind it was to cut down on pollution the consequence was that there was a glut of new cars which after a few years led to a glut of second hand cars which no one wanted.
  • Kevan
    Oh bring it on :) I've got a VW Golf that is currently worth about £500. I can exchange my current Astra Estate for new/nearly new car then sell the Golf to somebody who wants £2,000 off the purchase price of a new car too. They ain't having my 40 yr old Land Rover though ;)
  • aziz
    is they something like this in the uk?
  • Jerry R.
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