Isn't there some kind of new law against this kind of thing...?

10 June 2011

The window of a branch of Paecocks, sorry, Peacocks, as spotted by Twitter user @thisistomw...



  • Bob
    Hilarious juxtaposition of obscenity and children. Thanks Bitterwallet!
  • Boris
    Not as funny as that Mirror newspaper page from last week. You remember, the one with the wife beating article and farther's day violent film suggestions for a fiver on the same page. Now that was brilliant, I wish we could see it again.
  • Dick
    There is a law against it in China. The one child policy. Although as these are girls, the parents would probably have had them murdered at birth until they got a boy.
  • callum
    Well not quite. There is no law stopping you having more than 1 child - it's just made prohibitive via the tax system. And there is nothing there suggesting they are sisters anyway.
  • Martinique
    I love how the photographer has just managed to capture the word "cocks" in this particular shot too. Classic face/palm advertising!
  • zaphod
    Obviously fake, Tony Blair would never pose between a woman and child if there's no profit in it.
  • Skymarshall
    @zaphod - How 'old' do you like your 'women'.
  • Zleet
    @Skymarshall Superb. lol

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