Government wants tougher action on mobile phone crime

11 February 2010

Super hero to tackle phone crime?

Like the headline says, the government wants action against mobile phone crime. So what are they doing about it? Making a special team of mobile phone super heroes to save our sorry arses from being robbed?

No. They're asking the mobile phone industry to do more to protect handset owners.

So does this mean we'll see super heroes sponsored by phone firms? Phones4Uman coming to save us after flying through air shouting his gob off about which tariff would be best suited for you?

Alan Campbell, Minister for Crime Prevention, said firms "have a social and a corporate responsibility to tackle crime".

"First this is a great opportunity - this is new technology which can be promoted around the world," said Mr Campbell. "But also mobile phone companies have a responsibility which goes beyond the profits they can make from phones; they have a social and a corporate responsibility to tackle crime."

HOW? Are we getting super heroes or what?! Surely it has to be something as interesting as that because... well... surely expecting a mobile phone firm to help stop phones from being yoinked from our hands is a bit of a piss take? It's like asking the wallet makers of the world to get their acts together and come up with new ways of killing thugs or something... right?

Well, Campbell has likened the problem to car theft for some reason, saying that following pressure from governments, innovations in the car industry helped to reduce theft by 60% in 10 years.

Surely everyone realises that there's a world of difference between something you sit inside and that can't be quickly sold on for a bag of smack and... you get the idea.

It seems that the idea has been had that phones are to be made uglier so that people wouldn't dream of half-inching your handset. Yup, this call coinicides with the Home Office unveiling the winning designs in a crime prevention contest, aimed at making mobile phones less attractive to thieves.

One neat design however is a phone that has an alarm that sounds when a phone is too far from its owner and locks the handset. Not especially good if you're prone to losing your phone all the time. The winning designs will be shown off at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from the 15-18 February.

No super heroes as yet.



  • Rob
    Perhaps the government should make phone retailers surgically attach the phone to your body? Sure, crimes involving the removal of limbs will rise, but mobile phone theft as a whole will drop drastically.
  • Nobby
    I suggest a mobile phone that distorts your voice to make you sound either gay or like a smurf at random, unless you type in the correct code. If you are gay or a smurf, then it would make you sound like a gay smurf.
  • mizzle
    Nobby, Wouldn't there be 3 or 4 permutations? If you are gay and the phone makes you sound gay or like a smurf then you'd either sound like a gay smurf OR twice as gay. Likewise if you are a smurf you would sound like a smurf gay or twice as smurfylike. You would have to do tests to see if there is an actual difference between gay smurf and smurf gay. Hopefully you can catch this oversight early enough that it doesn't stop this amazing idea from going into mass production.
  • TS
    MOF, I’m not familiar with your other posts but if this one is anything to go by then awkwardly stupid must be your favoured writing style. Firstly who said anything about super heroes? I think you can leave the mindless and exaggerated analogies to Jeremy Clarkson. There have been several ways in which the industry has reduced the allure of mobile phone theft in the last decade. Handset theft has plummeted due to the fact that blacklists are now shared between UK providers and the handsets are much more difficult to crack, rather than just swapping provider SIM cards. With all the advancements of the last ten years I am glad the government are looking to technology to make our lives safer and mobile phones more secure. Please continue with your sensationally bleak and pessimistic view, but don’t expect us to follow. TS
  • Jamie
    About time, Mobile phone thefts/robberies are high. I have an app on my phone that knows my sim card. If another sim card is placed inside it. it works out that this is different. Turns on the GPS and texts a number that i have set up it's location every 5 minutes! Now thats not that hard for mobile phone copmpanies to set up!!! Yes i know they'lll all have to have gps, and most expensive phones have, and these also tend to get nicked more! This should be built into every phone!
  • cicobuff
    If your phone is stolen, report it as such, your IMEI is blocked, phone becomes a brick. All Mobile Phone companies need to do is ensure that the flash chip embedded is not reflashable, making it worthless for thieves to steal them.
  • TheillegitimatesonofGunn
    Give Mof a break people, he's trying to be like Andy and Paul, bless him. Failing pathetically at it mind you, but at least he's trying. Then again they do as well, Mof just fails at pathetic attempts at humor as well as serious attempts! Probably explains why his name doesn't appear as part of the BitterWallet Team (speaking of his name, he sounds like he belongs onboard a Star Destroyer, planning a 3rd Death Star with all of his other brown suited homies rather than a cold and humorless website like this one).
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Stop picking on MOF. His articles are way too long, but if he's being paid by the number of words written, i can't blame him. If you need a hug MOF, my friend Jeremy would be happy to oblige.
    I really wait always before making my move, and that move is looking into your blog to find the right information I always do that.

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