Government turn public buildings into WiFi hotspot heaven!

public wifi The government are turning over 1,000 public buildings into Wi-Fi hotspots!

Over the next few months, places such as libraries, museums, civic centres, transport hubs, sporting complexes and other buildings around the UK will begin to offer free Wi-Fi.

Now you literally have no escape from the bad rays of modernity. Some have already started doing it, and the plan is to get all of them up and running by March 2015.

According to the official Government website: "Millions of citizens, business men and women and visitors will be able to take advantage of free connectivity across the UK, which in turn will support our cities in becoming even more attractive places to live, do business, visit and invest in".

Which sounds like the sort of speech you hear just before the population's brains are harvested by killer robot overlords. Sadly the government nonsense bingo card fails to find 'hard working' in that statement. Perhaps it was the first draft.

It's all part of the Government’s £150m SuperConnected Cities programme aimed at transforming the digital capability of UK cities, ensuring our cities boast world-class connectivity and are equipped to deal with the increasing demands of the digital age.

Digital Economy Minister Ed Vaizey chipped in with: "The digital landscape of the UK is undergoing a period of tremendous improvement and is all part of the Government’s long term economic plan. For business, visitors and the UK public, accessing wifi in our cities is absolutely vital. These free hotspots will be instrumental in making UK cities even more appealing as places to not only do business, but to visit as well."


  • OldGit
    Probably comes out of the GCHQ budget.
  • Mark H.
    It's becoming a well known fact that free Wi Fi is a major security concern so I wouldn't recommend anyone actually use this or any other free Wi Fi. You should switch off Wi Fi on your phone when you're out and about too so that it doesn't connect to anything without your knowledge (hackers now mimick free Wi Fi to hack your phone). If you insist then you need to do it through a VPN so that all of your traffic is encrypted. Safer and easier just to use mobile data though.

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