Get your dog chipped for free, and avoid a £500 fine

Recipie-For-Natural-Dog-Food-1 Is your dog microchipped? If the answer is 'no', then you're among 1.5 million who haven't worked out why you'd want to insert a microchip into something that does little more than lie behind the sofa and do absolutely vicious trumps.

Well, you might change your tune when you hear that, thanks to a new law that is coming into play, if your pooch isn't chipped up, then you might face a £500 fine.

This new rule comes in to effect next month, and it requires all dogs to be microchipped.

Pet insurer Animal Friends reckon that around 12% of dog owners aren't sure if their hound is chipped or not, but we think the number is going to be much, much larger than that.

You have until April 6th to get the chip inserted into your dog's skin, but thankfully, you can get this done for free. The Dogs Trust, Blue Cross centres, Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, some vets and local councils will carry out the service for free.

Have a look at ChipMyDog for all the places that do this service without charge, by clicking here.


  • Germane S.
    Yes, all dogs should be chipped. Much more flavour than potatoes, and no more shoes covered in smelly shit.
  • Marvin
    The dogs trust have more money than they know what to do with, so are trying desperately to spend it on things like this, and the constant refurbishment/rebuilding of their centres.

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