Forget Grumpy Old Men- it's the grumpy old women you have to watch.

19 May 2011

old womanThere are some eternal truths in life, and one of those is don't cross a pensioner. With their sticks, dentures and incontinence pants, they can do you some serious damage.

But, of course pensioners aren't really old wee bags*, and most particularly not is the bunch of 50-something ladies who descended on Parliament yesterday in protest at the changes to the changes in pensions for women.

Said changes bring forward the raising of women's state pension age to 65 by two years, from 2020 to 2018, followed by a further increase to 66 for both men and women by 2020 – six years earlier than planned by the previous government.

Now, there have been lots of reasons cited by these women of a certain age about why they are so outraged- claims that they would not be able to continue in their manual job at age 66 (although presumably at age 65 it's a breeze) or a 55 year old lamenting this morning on BBC Breakfast that the prospect of getting up at 6am for the next 11 years was too much to bear. While I am (notionally) sympathetic, the currently young and vibrant, such as myself, have more than 30 years of getting up in the morning left to go and I am unlikely to see any kind of pension provision from the Government until I am 67 at the very least. And in 30 years time it will probably be 75 anyway...

The real issue is that the Government have moved the goalposts again. While the previous timetable was set by a previous Government, you can imagine it is still quite narking for a 54 year old, who spent much of her working life expecting to retire at 60, then to be told it would be 65, and now 66?

Disgruntled citizens are being urged to contact their MP to express their displeasure. Research by AgeUK has even identified the top ten consitutencies where the number of affected women exceeds the sitting MPs majority (in case you are interested they are Nicola Blackwood (Conservative, Oxford West and Abingdon); Jackie Doyle-Price (Conservative, Thurrock), Glenda Jackson (Labour, Hampstead and Kilburn), Lorely Burt (Liberal Democrat, Solihull), Gloria De Piero (Labour, Ashfield), Julie Hilling (Labour, Bolton West), Annette Brooke (Liberal Democrat, Mid Dorset and North Poole),  Matthew Offord (Conservative, Hendon), George Eustice (Conservative, Camborne and Redruth) and Mark Spencer (Conservative, Sherwood)).

Although the chances of it doing any good are about as high as as a grasshopper's eye...

* well, not all of them.


  • jack s.
    is that ET?
  • Alexis
    But all the Tory seats are thanks to the silly old bats voting them in. The blue rinse brigade have nobody to blame but themselves. And they'll be voting them back in in 4 years!
  • Idi A.
    Women - boo hoo. You've had an extra five years off free for too long. Deal with it and quit your moaning.
    Why is my gram gram on your article ?
  • crap
    goodness gracious me
  • Kevin
    Thing is with changing it at some point (to make it more equal and fair, as it should be, of course if anything women should work longer than men as they live longer so cost disproportionately more) there will be a chunk of women that are getting really screwed over, just a matter of doing it now or later.

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