FixMyStreet - a local site, for local people

If you're a busybody who can't help but gossip and pry, then here's a website you probably use on a daily basis. For the rest of us, it's ether a useful way on ensuring our council tax is spent wisely, or the stuff of local BBC Radio phone-ins.

FixMyStreet first appeared a couple of years ago under a different name, and was built by the folk who created TheyWorkForYou and WriteToThem - websites that ensure you can hold accountable elected representatives and those who benefit from the public purse. FixMyStreet works in two ways:

  • you can report problems with local amenities, which are then sent on to the appropriate council and listed on the site
  • you can subscribe to a RSS feed which alerts you when problems are reported within a specified radius of your postcode

Reading through the submissions, you'll find plenty of local people outraged by dogs shitting everywhere and slippery pigeon droppings, but also which problems your council has chose to fix and which are still pending:

So instead of spending an hour on-hold to complain about people parking in front of your house, rattle off a quick email, safe in the knowledge the council will receive it and approve all future applications for neighbours to leave skips in your parking space.


  • Lefty
    I reported a box on the lamp-post problem on this site just last week...... Some people actually report dog shit on the pavement to their local council, and so they should, councils dish out their shit daily, its now time to give them it back, It's now time to get the lazy buggers on your local council to work promptly and efficiently. They should always be reminded that we pay their wages.
  • Tom P.
    Good site, i'm going to snitch on all the lazy twats that leave their wheely bins out all week after they've been emptied
  • Will B.
    [...] what they offer the consumer and individual is a invaluable range of online services, including FixMyStreet and WhatDoTheyKnow. They build all sorts of websites to return power to the people and ensure the [...]

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