David Cameron - Tesco's new model

Tesco, for some reason, have decided to make David Cameron one of their models, prancing around like a tit with his usual dreary blazers and tedious ties.

At one point, he even showed his warmth by 'laughing', or whatever the corpse approximation is.




  • Zeddy
    Tesco, we haven't a fucking clue! There you go. Send me a cheque for the new strapline, Tesco.
  • My v.
    Old news, this was published months ago
  • Junkyard
    "Tesco: every little prick helps"
  • Alistair C.
    Another very good reason not to shop at Tesco. Did DC buy his suit in Tesco? What with them all being low paid I'm sure he'll find their bargain prices to his taste. Dick
  • Dick
    Well it got me off. Twice.
  • amazon s.
    What is he advertising, a new brand of slime? New target for an up-market sniper rifle range? Or Tesco value tip-ex for all those u-turns.
  • Wongaporkpies
    Should have got his wife to model female clothes, as she looks like a Horse !
  • kv
    He's corpsing, send for the man!
  • LD
    The toad. Which particular third world country's sweat shop was the tacky suit made in? We should be told ...
  • shiftynifty
    LD...Looks like Portugal....

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