Couple gets $9.5 million parking ticket suburban Chicago couple hit jackpot when they received a $9.5 million dollar (£5 million pounds) parking ticket after leaving their car parked for two hours.

If the couple chose to forgo a hearing, the instructions advised them "do not send cash."

Deputy Chief Mike Volling of the Glencoe Police Department said he's at a loss to explain the ticket.

"Obviously somebody messed up when it was entered into the computer." He said.

Obviously, deputy chief inspector. You're a very smart man to state the very obvious.

The couple say the dollar amount of the ticket, $9,501,071, happened to coincide with the license plate of the car. Aha. So the data entry clerks messed up, unable to tell the difference between currency and license plate...

Maybe they should stop hiring children from kindergarten?

The couple were told that they would be entitled to a hearing on the matter or could plead guilty and simply pay the fine. But court? Bleh. Waste of time. Just pay the damn thing already!

Read the whole story here [Chicago Sun Times]

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  • Robert
    A similar story happened to me, but it went like the following: Received a ticket, went to pay for it on the phone and was told that it was too early to pay for it online. I was a bit confused by the message so I checked the ticket and to my surprise the ticket was issued for the year 2011! I've kept that ticket, so whenever I get a ticket in the future and they tell me that I got back to the car too late, I'll just show them this incorrect one and then I'll tell them where to go

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