Companies from BBC3's 'The Call Centre' fined for nuisance calls

19 June 2013

call centre Two companies that star in the BBC3 documentary, The Call Centre, have been fined a total of £225,000 thanks to nuisance calls.

The Information Commissioner's Office have reported 2,700 complaints against Nationwide Energy Services and We Claim You Gain. Both companies are part of the Save Money Ltd group, which is run by CEO and star of the show, Nev Wilshire.

The ICO's director of operations Simon Entwisle said: "While the activities of Nev and his call centre employees have provided entertainment for many, they hide a bigger problem within the cold-calling industry."

"People have the legal right not to receive marketing calls, and these companies have paid the price for failing to respect people's wishes."

It seems that neither company completed the proper checks to find out whether those receiving sales calls were registered with the Telephone Preference Service, which of course, is a legal requirement.

Hopefully, the fallout from these fines will be seen on the show itself, with Big Nev weeping into his Asda tuna salad pot.

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  • shiftynifty
    As Nev would say......... Some Will, Some Won't, So What, Next!
  • Phuck Y.
    Fucking welsh chavs.

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