Commercial Break: Stay safe - turn your bike into a mobile disco

Here’s a new ad by the Think Bike! campaign from the Department for Transport. In it, we see a host of bikers fizzing around the streets, their two-wheeled death machines decorated with elaborate light displays that both identify them and make sure they can easily be seen by other motorists.

The ad is admirable in its aims, but they should have really thought about the millions of bikers who don’t ride around with a large chunk of the Blackpool illuminations on the back of their carnage-carts. Or those who can’t afford such enhancements because they have to pay for post-collision physiotherapy and skin grafts.

What’s more, there’s no mention of any grants being available so that all bikers have got the chance to mod their crash-magnets into mobile bordellos. Thanks DfT, but Tony, Dave, Nick and Helen will probably be okay. Think about all the other bike-riding maniacs out there instead eh?


  • Amanda H.
    My brother was on his bike, when a bmw pulled out in front of him, he shattered his hip, his arm came out of his wrist, and his bollocks swelled up like coconuts-but with sour milk as he may never father children. Now he's looking to buy a Ferrari (!??? why!??) as his solicitor has told him he's due to receive 100k. I'm gonna do my bit for the community and see if i can hit a few bikers and help them with their money troubles.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    This advert is counter productive. I watch it and think, why the feck ARE motorcyclists so bloody hard to see? With their black leathers and their black bikes? Why DON'T they light themselves up like Christmas trees? LEDs are cheap - my fecking dog wears one. Is it because it's not macho or something? I ride a pushbike by the way and I don't care if I look like a fairground ride. Rather be a luridly visible twat than a cool basket case.
  • Chris S.
    To NellieIrrelevant - I ride both a motorbike and a pushbike. On the pushbike I've found if I don't ride dressed up like a Christmas tree when it's getting dark then car drivers simply don't see me. On the motorbike it's different - for one thing, the rider's often not visible from the front or rear because of fairings, luggage etc - so wearing hi-viz or reflectives doesn't make a great deal of difference. It might from the side (though hi-viz tabards are a waste of time there) but the risk of being hit from the side is tiny. No - the real problem is simply that many car/van drivers don't take the time to look properly, or can't see past their windscreen pillar / satnav / iced-up windows. There are two kinds of driver when it comes to junctions: the ones who expect to stop (and keep going if it's clear), and the ones who expect to keep going (and jam the brakes on if they see something in a quick glance down the road). The best defence a motorcyclist has is to look for drivers like that, and use their positioning on the road and speed to make sure they're a) seen and b) can stop or swerve if they're not. The 'take time to look for bikes' was a good slogan, I just wish it had been a simpler 'take time to look' - they shouldn't be looking for a specific type of vehicle, they should take time to assess rather than glance. We're only talking a couple of seconds. Rant over!

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