BOGOF soft drink pub deal for drivers this Christmas

1 December 2010


Here’s a money-saver that could also turn into a life-saver – free soft drinks in pubs over the festive period for designated drivers.

It’s part of the government’s annual anti-drink-driving push and there’ll be 8,000 UK pubs getting involved, in conjunction with Coca-Cola, offering a ‘buy one get one free’ deal for non-boozular drinks until January 2nd.

We’re not sure whether it’ll incentivise you lot to eschew the demon drink and get behind the wheel but it’s a chance to get something for nothing and avoid waking up the next morning with a thick head.

If you’re an idiot who happens to be a fan of drink driving, you should bear in mind that 380 people were killed in accidents last year where the driver was over the limit.

Also, if you’re the government, who aren’t bothering with an anti-drink-drive campaign on TV this Christmas, then you’re a bunch of idiots as well.



  • Phil
    Or how about just not pricing soft drinks at some stupidly high level to start with?
  • McCavity
    How many were killed in accidents where the driver wasn't over the limit?
  • br04dyz
    and for the non-driver, a nice cheap means of getting a mixer!
  • You
    Do they really think that people drink beer because Coke is too expensive?
  • kv
    over here in ireland it's 3 freebies for the designated driver
  • The B.
    All very well and good but frankly I dislike Cola, give me a nice 7Up or Lemonade any time (sprite is Satans pish though).
  • You
    Over there in Ireland you've just borrowed 85 billion euros from the EU. Not so great now, is it?
  • Kevin
    I have always wondered why they bother spending all that money on the adverts. If you are going to drink and drive you are going to do it. Seeing a poster won't make a difference. It'd be better to spend money on catching these people on random stops etc
  • Illusion E.
    [...] BOGOF soft drink pub deal for drivers this Christmas | BitterWallet [...]

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