Zavvi cornered over faulty goods passed off as new

ZavviAs discussed in the HUKD forums, Müller Corners have been running a promotion to win lots of smashing prizes, simply for entering a code into a website. It's not very complicated, there are plenty of prizes and we can't really grumble about the Müllermiester in this respect.

Better yet, avid Bitterwallet reader Gregg won a £100 to spend with Zavvi, the lucky swine. He wasted little time in putting his prize to good use:

"I ordered a 250gb xbox360 to replace my aging elite and when I received it today, all seemed ok. Then I opened up the box to find an A4 page headed "returns notification", complete with the full details of the person who had returned it:

Bitterwallet - Zavvi return

I called the person whose details were on the notification. It turns out he had purchased the console from Zavvis' eBay outlet, but returned it as it was faulty.

To sum up then, Zavvi tried to pass off a used and faulty xbox 360 as new, there's something clearly going wrong in the returns department and they're not too bothered who they share customer information with. According to the thread on HUKD, Zavvi are no longer participating in the Müller Corners promotion. How odd.


  • Denny
    I've never much seen the point of using The Hut Group websites. They're rarely cheaper and many back catalogue items take 3-5 days extra. Their customer service isn't great either. I'll stick with the others.
  • Phil
    I'm going with "Zavvi cutting corners".
  • sandman
    man this is not good could not believe when i read this that they actually re-sold a recon machine as a new one i don’t think i will be buying any consoles or such from there ever again i mean what if there wasn’t any signs to show or not obvious that it had been used before don’t get me wrong the fact that there was a letter saying it was used who really could miss that lol way too funny really any company that is willing to do this deserved to go bust and let’s face it there are plenty of companies that will welcome your money ZAVVI clearly don’t feel they need repeat customers lol
  • Spod
    Crikey Sandman, you're a bit of an eccentric. Interesting website, but some real apostrophe abuse going on there.
  • Danny F.
    I'm actually surprised that Zavvi/The Hut are still in business,if my awful experiences with them are anything to go by. It really isn't worth the aggro for the couple of quid saving you might make. Stick to the professionals (Amazon,HMV etc) ,and give these bunch of chancers a 'wide berth'. Piss-poor customer and a long,long wait for stuff that supposedly 'will be despatched within 24 hours',and that's if it actually turns up at all........
  • Phil
    So this is the same hut group who have twice now 'run out of stock' of items after I've ordered them 'in stock' and then sit on them for months until I give up and cancel. They really are poor compared to amazon/play.
  • Laughing M.
    It's interesting you lot are all saying that you had bad experiences with Zavvi/The Hut. I've had problems with Zavvi before in the past, most notably waiting ages for something to arrive (2 weeks plus) and then ordering something else and a week later the status of the item not changing. However, i've just recently received season 4 of Dexter today having ordered it on the 8th March. Nothing amazing, time wise but on a par with most other online retailers and delivery times. On that basis i'm tempted to give The Hut another chance if anything else comes up at a good price.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Zavvi cornered over faulty goods passed off as new [...]
  • Jo
    Thanks to everyone who has joined the above post. We at take customers feedback and comments very seriously and will always act upon them to resolve all issues. I wanted to let you know, that I have personally spoken with Gregg, apologized for what had happened and advised him that we have sent him a gift which I hope will go some way to make amends. Rest assured that this is an isolated incident. We have launched an internal investigation within our warehouse to find out how and why this occurred to ensure that it does not happen again We have a dedicated department that handles all our customers’ feedback and we are dedicated to improving services, implementing changes to processes and policies where possible to ensure that we are offering and delivering the best service possible to all our customers. Regards Customer Care Team
  • sandman
    I dont feel that I was being eccentric at all here ..... And if you read what I said .... I never said I had a bad experience ...... I have ordered dvds before and never had an issue ...... But unless I read it wrong it wasnt the delivery that was the issue it was what was delivered ....... Surely it is not that hard to tell the difference between used and brand new in there ware house and if it is then I dont want to buy from there ....... We are entitled to our opinion and thats mine ...... Im sure that if they had handled this situation better or quicker the chap Gregg would not have spoken out about this situation ...... ....... Anyway Gregg .... Well done on getting it fixed and glad you got an extra gift from the issues caused ........ I would have been freaking out if it was me
  • Gregg
    Just an update to this to ensure the full story is told: I did indeed receive a gift to compensate me for the hassle so thanks to Zavvi for that. However, I did have to call them back up again to chase my replacement only to be told it would be ordered there and then i.e they didn't automatically reorder upon immediate receipt of the faulty unit which was a touch disappointing. So, just under two weeks to receive a working 360, not hugely impressed. Had this happened with Amazon, I thnik it's fair to say they'd have sent out the replacement without waiting for the returned item.

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