Xbox to offer games to Android and Apple?

25 June 2013

Xbox-360-Logo Microsoft could well be about to offer Xbox and PC games for Apple and Android devices, which means Xbox-exclusive games will finally be available on other formats.

Microsoft are obviously not doing very well at the minute.

Microsoft has teamed-up with the wonderfully named gamemaker Klab to get this underway, but officially speaking, Microsoft are still keeping quiet on the project.

Rumours suggest that this will be happening late this year, and some big titles will be free to play too, which would be one in the eye for Nintendo and Sony.

If Microsoft go ahead with this, does this mean that all the other games and console developers will get in on the action too? If that means cool free games for everyone, this could be a rather exciting time for gamers!


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  • Chewbacca
    Has already started. Wordament is already available for iOS, with xbox achievements.
  • Reser
    I would bet that this is actually for the Apps to complement the full fledged Xbox One games considering they could not stop using tablets during E3. I cannot see them making ports of games on tablets.. ever.

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