Xbox Reveal... coming later today...

It’s Big News Day if you’re an Xbox user, with Microsoft’s Xbox Reveal event getting underway from about 6pm UK time.

We’re assuming that we’ll be finding out all about the new Xbox, as opposed to Microsoft revealing that the 360 has a previously-hidden hidden compartment in it where you can store cotton wool buds.


We won’t be giving the Xbox Reveal the big all-inclusive coverage that it will surely deserve, but our learned colleagues over at Dealspwn WILL be doing just that, with live coverage and comment on their site, and updates via Twitter.

Get over there later, gawp at the marvellous Xbox Reveal and chip in with your thoughts and opinions. Except you – yes, you. You know who we mean.


  • Zleet
    Hopefully they will move to bluray for greater storage and give the processing and graphics a big boost. And for the love of jeebus no discless, that works for PC but on console where microtransactions are nearly as bad as tablets it would be a nightmare.
  • fred w.
    no used/rental---dead before it starts

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