XBox One's crackdown on pre-owned games

10 June 2013

xbox-reveal-540x303 Computer games can be ludicrously pricey, so the pre-owned games exchange has enabled gamers to get more out of their consoles, where once they may have been priced out.

However, the video gaming companies and developers haven't ever been happy about you getting cheapo games.

When Microsoft announced the Xbox One, almost immediately everyone started to worry about whether or not you can play second-hand games on them. News to the contrary provoked uproar.

Microsoft have softened their approach on pre-owned games since then, after a PR disaster, saying that gamers will be able to trade games at "participating retailers" and that games can be passed to friends once, but only if they have been on a gamers friend's list for more than 30 days. Games produced away from Microsoft will be allowed to make their own minds up, and they could well opt for a ban.

Basically, they're all making it awkward for everyone. Sony will be keeping tabs on the whole thing before the release of the PS4 and invariably capitalising on the whole affair.

"For consumers buying a game for £40 or £50, there is a feeling they have a physical product that, ethically and legally, they should be able to sell," says Philip Oliver, CEO of Blitz Games Studios. "The problem for the industry is that the sale of a brand new game generates royalties for the publisher and the platform and, as it stands, when a game is sold second hand, they lose out."

We'll just have to wait and see what happens, thrifty gamers.

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  • jokester
    “The problem for the industry is that the sale of a brand new game generates royalties for the publisher and the platform and, as it stands, when a game is sold second hand, they lose out.” Firstly, the don't "lose out" on anything. Secondly, exactly the same happens when people sell their phone/tv/dvd/book/etc - do you hear any of the movie companies bitching and moaning because people are selling their films 2nd hand? NO! Imagine if Apple stopped you from selling your iPhone once you've finished with it!
  • dazza1011
    Fucktard it's nothing like that its like Apple saying you can't sell an app you've purchased which you can't Its said on films that it can't be resold its just the companies can't do anything about it ....yet
  • Sicknote
    This will only hit the unemployed and feckless of this nation; so, I don't care. I always buy a copy for each of my 3 sons.
  • Paul C.
    @Sicknote Your trolling is far too transparent. Don't give up your day job. As a bin man. @everyone else The problem lies in not being able to sell on PHYSICAL copies of items we own. 'Digital' copies of items (Apps, downloads, UV copies) were never expected to be sold on from the very start. The difference is quite markedly separate from tangible objects , such as discs. And I think Microsoft will have to jump through some EU legislative hoops for their plans to rich fruition. It is my understanding that Microsoft cannot restrict trade of 2nd hand items in a market that they ultimately control in terms of price and enabling the objects to be sold, under EU trade laws.
  • Juicy L.
    @Sicknote: And everyone of them a bastard.
  • Captain.Cretin
    Fuck-em, dont buy the console - it is very simple - even Sicknote should be able to understand.
  • Jerec
    Xbox one has no games.
  • JonB
    Xbox One is a glorified set-top box, isn't it?
  • LancerVancer
    Microsoft have really "screwed the pooch" on this one. All of the online/DRM/used games problems AND PS4 is 80/90 pound cheaper. Game over man, game over.
  • jokester
    @dazza1011 - Yes it is, you worthless piece of shit. And it's usually only rental and promotional copies that say they can't be resold. @Sicknote - Your comments go way beyond stupid. You actually believe that every employed person has lots of money to throw around buying the same item multiple times and then being stuck with a worthless coaster afterwards? IDIOT!
  • Seymour
    Pretty annoying that the ps4 is $399 in america (which is roughly £250) yet they are selling it here for £349?
  • Chewbie
    Flex wit da GTA5
  • Sicknote
    Some people need to be a little less green eyed monster about other peoples' success.
  • Queef
    Some people only buy new games knowing they will be able to sell them on when they have finished playing them... they will def loose sales to those people

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