Xbox One video shows off Microsoft's wares

28 October 2013

Not long 'til the Xbox One launches in the UK so, to whet your whistle, Microsoft have released a new promotional video for those having kittens over the whole thing. Happily/regrettably, the Xbox One's dashboard navigation looks awfully like Windows 8.

The new dash also uses Kinect-powered voice controls, which is a bit fancy (if it can understand your thick brogue that is). In the video, we see - through voice activation - a user switching the console on, loading a video, opening up an activity feed, joining a game, recording some footage, sharing said footage and loads more.

Now, have Microsoft edited the video so the whole thing looks a lot more seamless than it actually is? We'll only know when everyone actually buys one and starts crowing or moaning on Twitter.

If you're after one, the Xbox One will land in the shop on November 22nd and will set you back £429. Will you be getting one for Christmas and ringing everyone up through the Skype app on your Xbox or are you holding off?

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  • j.
    Whet your whistle????? You dont whet whistles, you whet knives. You wet whistles. Bloody eggcorns.
  • Egan C.
    XBox, a lamb bhuna with rice and a cheese naan. No? Ah! Mr Patel still has his uses.
  • Mr P.
    Damn right. By the way Jocky, Special Brew is going up the week before Christmas. Bit of notice for you there.

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