Xbox hacker reveals all

xbox one square You know Ryan, the man who claims to be behind the Christmas Day hack on a bunch of consoles? Well, he did it to expose poor security.

Like you do, on Christmas Day.

Ryan didn't do it alone. He told Sky News that a small group of people undertook the cyber attack and that they had no regrets about irritating everyone who wanted to play video games. In fact, Ryan said that it was fine that the hackers forced "a couple of kids to spend their time with their families instead of playing games".

Says the lad who has invariably burrowed away from his family to piss around on computers, so he can get smart enough to undertake a hack of a worldwide system.

Ryan - who is rumoured to be a member of Lizard Squad - thought of the hack as a "sort of a game", and partly did it for the fun of it.

In an interview from Finland, Ryan said: "We have massive capability to take down networks like this. This attack was basically done by three people. We had a couple of people from outside the group helping with the attacks, helping us a little bit, but most of the traffic was coming from one or two people."

And why did they do it? "Mostly to raise awareness - to amuse ourselves. Also one of the big aspects here was raising awareness regarding the low state of computer security at these companies, because these companies make tens of millions every month from subscriber fees and that doesn't even include purchases made by their customers."

"They should have more than enough funding to be able to protect against these attacks. And if they can't protect against the attacks on their core business networks then I don't think they're really doing that much on their overall level of security. And these customers are still giving these companies their credit card numbers and such."

"It is sort of a game for us I have to admit. I completely understand that it's a bit unethical.

"I'd be rather worried if those people didn't have anything better to do than play games on their consoles on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I mean I can't really be [inaudible] feel bad. I might have forced a couple of kids to spend their time with their families instead of playing games."

Everything is back to normal on the networks now, and Ryan has been on the news. That's where we are in the world.


  • Jessie J.
    Little fucktard. Just cause he's shit at gaming and hasn't got a female (blow up or real) around, he goes and fucks everybody off on LIVE and PSN. As for the being worried, I'd be worried if the only thing you can think of doing on Christmas day is hacking a games system. Cunt, there I've said it.
  • Russell H.
    well done Ryan. Stealing childrens toys. little fucking wanker.
  • Han S.
    Obviously he's responsible that's why he went on the news and opened himself up to bein charged and jailed. Cos that's the first thing hackers do

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