Xbox hack was done by Lizards

17 February 2015

xbox one square Have you been trying to use the Xbox Live network recently and found that you couldn't? Don't worry - it wasn't your fault.

See, the outage was a result of those adorable hackers known as Lizard Squad, or at least, they're the ones claiming responsibility after the network went down for a number of hours. Of course, the Lizards have previous, as they attacks the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live last year.

On Twitter, they said: "Xbox (360) Live #offline", adding: "Haha 'Xbox' is trending worldwide. We're back :)"

Why did they do it? Well, you can only assume they did it for a laugh. You can assume that's the case as, last time they took networks offline, they said they did it "mostly to raise awareness" and "to amuse ourselves."

This particular hack was done in conjunction with a number of groups, including some people who call themselves 'Like No Other'. And while they chortle into their Doritos, there's people who have paid for a service which keeps getting interrupted and is increasingly unusable. At the moment, Microsoft aren't commenting on this disruption.

The last time this happened, the infamous Kim Dotcom offered the hackers some vouchers for some of his services, in the hope that they'd stop ruining his gaming time. However, Lizard Squad tweeted: "One more thing: Tell KimDotcom to take his vouchers and shove them up his fat ass."


There have been arrests over these attacks, with two kids getting their collars felt by the long arm of the law. As yet, neither have been charged.

Either way, if you've been having a nightmare when trying to access the network from your console, it isn't your broadband providers fault and you're not being really thick - Lizard Squad are just yanking your chain. Hopefully, the gaming companies will do something to try and eradicate these things, if they can think one step ahead of some hackers with a cute name.

Lizard Squad, incidentally, remind us of this sketch.

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  • Jessie J.
    My Live has been fine. Fucktards.

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