Arooga! Deal alert! new Xbox 360 for just £184.85

Dealspwn, our brothers and sisters on the other side of the Bitterwallet bunker, have hot console news for you this morning, especially if you've had an eye on this week's announcements from Microsoft:

Bitterwallet - XBOX360 deal

Another ‘heads-up’ deal for you. Hot on the heels of GAME’s trade in deals comes a listing from ShopTo that’s looking to undercut the competition by a good tenner at least when it comes to the pending release of the new sleek Xbox 360. Whilst a number of other are far closer to the £200 mark, ShopTo appears to have stuck up the console for £184.85 which will certainly save you a few quid. Click here to nab yourself a shiny new Xbox 360 250GB Slim console for £184.85

There's more news and commentary on the deal from Matt over on Dealspawn. Know this.


  • Alexis
    Sleek? Looks bloody awful. MS don't do design.
  • Morocco
    It looks dented
  • Paul
    Darth Vader needs to take some Dulcoease
  • OldMan
    isn't it awooga?
  • Peter F.
    Just don't move near it, you'll destroy every CD/DVD/Blu-Ray you've ever owned! Allegedly.

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