Will the new Nintendo 3DS have its own app store?

Bitterwallet exclusive - the  Nintendo 3DS, yesterday

Back in March we reported on the spankatronic wundergizmo, the Nintendo 3DS with its glasses-free 3D gaming experience. It's due to be launched to the industry in a week's time at the E3 gaming expo, and available to the public after that.

Not only would the 3D gameplay have the potential to create a new platform for developers, but Nintendo may be looking to introduce their very own app store for the handset. According to Electric Pig: "Capcom COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, says his firm is fired up about making 3D games for the Nintendo 3DS but it’s the prospect of an app store that’s really got it excited. He says: “What we’re looking forward to is the offering of a new business model."

“Nintendo has been in the hardware business for a long time and I believe they are looking closely at Apple’s recent success.” His comments came just after he lavished praise on Japanese mobile network NTT DoCoMo which has its own iTunes App Store-style service."

Whether such an app store would mean on-demand purchasing, or an open-platform for developers - or both - isn't known. Of course it may not happen at all; Nintendo and games developers would think twice before blowing up a market already established and worth billions, and plenty of games are currently of a size that'd be irritatingly slow to download.

[Adriasang] via [Electric Pig]


  • Gunn
    Funny how Nintendo didn't consider Apple a threat, now they want to try a "new" business model of selling apps online. The DS has the worst connectivity of modern hardware available! But why try to be more like Apple, with its endless shovelware crap app games. Stick to decent first and 3rd party titles that are actually proper games.
  • Morocco
    Agreed. The last thing I want is something else for smug twats to shove under my nose saying "look what this app does!" Irritated by Apple fanboy wankers? There's a slap for that.
  • Chris F.
    don't they already have an 'app store' on DSi?
  • DrDark
    @ChrisF: Yes it does. It also has better connectivity than the PSP. The lesson here is: don't get your game news off BitterWallet or its readers.
  • Chris
    The connectivity on the psp is way better than the ds! I can say that owning both consoles. The lesson here is: your opinion isn't a fact.
  • -]
    Nintendo has the "worst connectivity" of "available modern hardware", but it's also the bit of of handheld modern hardware that sells the most, makes the most money and is the most popular. Something tells me they are onto something there. Something also tells me that people in a niche often scream loudest for their little corner to become mainstream. Also the "connectivity" is shat on both the psp and dsi/ll. Just the way I like it, because they are games machines. They do a great job of that. You want mini-game shat? get an iphone/ipod.
  • sMac
    I think it would've been more apt to put a picture of the wonderful Virtual Boy with this article :)

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