What's the HDMI cable made of - unicorn bone?

We might be in the midst of the sale season, but not everything out there is a bargain at the moment. Perhaps Currys are featuring this one in an attempt to offset some of the reductions in their sale.

Screen Shot 2012-01-02 at 14.05.57

We've checked, and it's in stock at lots of Currys stores, if you'd like to reserve and collect. But whatever the reason, this deal gets a BIG BITTERWALLET THUMBS DOWN!

[thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Gary Oakley]


  • Jimmy
    This looks to be a mistake on the website peoples part. These bundles are usually put on the system to allocate a product code to the bundle before the price is reduced to something reasonable.
  • oliverreed
    A better question is why the fuck does a 1080p capable console not come with a HDMI cable in the box?
  • John
    It doesn't come with an hdmi cable in the box for the same reason many printer didn't come with a USB cable in the box and plenty of other products are missing a cheap yet vital accessory - it gives the shop an easy to sell item with a high mark up price netting them a decent profit. John
  • Craig
    HDMI cable mark-ups are nothing new, but this is a bit excessive :p
  • Laura
    Lol! That has to be a mistake the same Hdmi cable is only £14.99 and the 250gb Xbox £189.00 separate it only comes to £203.99.
  • will
    It might be a pricing error, but who wants to bet that someone out there will buy this bundle at the advertised price?!?!
  • Dave
    There won't be a HDMI cable in the box for 2 reasons: 1) As already stated above, it will prevent companies from selling them as an add on. 2) A vast amount of people still do not have HDMI capable TVs, so including a HDMI cable will be redundant for those people, however, basic RCA cables will be usable by everyone.
  • Bayou B.
    Awesome deal, hot for me. Just hope Curry's honour it... ... Omg! Just got my confirmation email! Fingers crossed...
  • john's i.
    So they don't come with cables because it's an easy sell up for the shop? Yeah... OR If they put a 1m cable in the box and you need a 5 metre you'd bitch about having to pay for an extra cable If they put a 5m cable in the box and you only need a 1m you'd bitch about having to buy a shorter one OR have lots of spare cable laying about...either way...you'd bitch Give the customer the choice and cut down the cost a bit...hmmm...makes sense to me...most shops sell a range of cables...and don't get me started on the £1 cable is the same as the £100 cable debate...there IS a difference, digital ISN'T digital...love retards :-)
  • Laura
    Its true, the more basic the package the easyer it is to customise to what you need. I agree if you put in the 5m they want the 1m then the argument begins were "you need to give me money off because I have to go get a replacement that's the right length." ect. Just leave it simple and people will get what they want to get.

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