What fresh hell is this? More Nintendo Wii accessory oddity

It's a scientific fact* that everyone in Japan:

a) lives in apartments constructed of cardboard that are cramped even by the standards of amateur cat swingers,


b) loves karaoke.

These two undeniable truths have parented the Urusakunai Kara OK! (Not Noisy Kara OK!) microphone for the Nintendo Wii, a device that wouldn't look out of place in one or two of Andy's specialist DVD collections, or on the groin of an astronaut.

The mic has been developed in conjunction with Japanese Karaoke chain JOYSOUND, for use with their new Wii release. Even if you don't want to sing into it, you can do doubt scream your angst and rage away without waking the kids up, before knocking out another classic from Grease.

* not strictly a scientific fact



  • acecatcher3
    i think sainty boy has ordered this so he can shout in the mic at home as he didnt get a mod job on hukd lolza motorsport 2 good hustle andy and ascottishbloke
  • the w.
    I've already ordered 4. It's not so I can use them on my Wii, it's that the ends are perfectly shaped for the elephant noses I'm making in my basement. Do no ask me why I am making elephant noses, it would ruin Barack Obama's surprise birthday party I'm working on.
  • blackgerbil1
    Post something that talks about muscle, gym,weights, gyal or Steroids man. who gives a **** about the wii? amirite ma playaz?
  • The B.
    Ten past twelve old chap, and yes, your voice dropping is perfectly natural.

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