What are the most influential video games of the decade?

Two words. Fucking Bejeweled. I never play games but hours of my life are being sapped away by this time vampire. I hate it. Yet I love it. So I can tell you about the importance of lightning gems but beyond that I'm am amateur. Wired are a little more switched on about this sort of thing and they've compiled a list of the 15 most influential games of the decade.

And before we have a fight about whether the current decade ends this year or next, here's the top 10:

Bitterwallet - The Sims
10. Metroid Prime (2002)
9. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved (2005)
8. Wii Sports (2006)
7. Bejeweled (2001)
6. Halo (2001)
5. Brain Age (2005)
4. World of Warcraft (2004)
3. Guitar Hero (2005)
2. Grand Theft Auto III (2001)
1. The Sims (2000)

All fair and very reasonable - or a lot of balls? You can read Wired's justification for each pick on their site, but let us know if there are any obvious omissions.



  • I.W
    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare should be on there
  • scouse
    No it shouldnt .
  • Fur C.
    Deus Ex. end of.
  • r3tract
    Half-life/Half-life 2 + Counter Strike and all permutations missed off!!??
  • r3tract
    @me ignore the half life 1 comment as that was released 1998 my bad
  • Maxwell
    Deus Ex is surely before 2000? My vote goes for Bioshock and Morrowind. Unless that was before 2000.
  • MickeyB
    If you read the Wired post you'll find that HL2 is #12.
  • Bullet
    lego batman number 1
  • Fur C.
    DX was 2000 according to wikipedia
  • sweartome
    DEUS EX. Best game ever.
  • Fur C.
  • someone
    I still don't understand this fascination with The Sims. I personally find it to be a very boring series of game with nothing truly innovative added by every new installment. I do agree with Halo and Wii Sports but surely Deus Ex, Half Life and an MGS deserve a place in the top 10
  • sweartome
    " # Posted by Fur Cough | December 28th, 2009 at 5:42 pm http://www.lolsauce.com/RandomBS/Deus%20Ex.jpeg " I was actually considering that !! LMAO
  • Louise
    I used to be a rabid gamesplayer in my youth (in the days of the Spectrum, on to the NES and beyond) then slowly but surely, real life ate away at game-playing time. I LOVED the original Sims. Every man I've ever mentioned it to says "But its a girl's game". Hmph. If you wanted to be really sadistic you could just put your Sim in a tiny box room, no light or doors, and let them weep and pee themselves to death. Thanks to HUKD, I recently my brother Fable II Game Of The Year Edition (Xbox 360), quite fancy getting into that. Love RPGs. The weirdest one I played right to the end was the N64 Mystical Ninja.
  • Phil M.
    I think people on the wired forum especially seem to forget that the lists are supposed to be of INFLUENTIAL games, as in games that inspired future games, not a list of their favourites.. Deus Ex is an easy one. Sims also. Portal? The Wii sports at least had an original control scheme, I suppose.. Halo love it or hate it did inspire many, many games attempting to cash in on the success, without it being exactly the most original concept ever. Half-life 2 probably deserved a place for the use of physics engine MGS2 = MGS1 with slight improvements? How is that more influential than the first one? Bioshock, while very good, offers little over System Shock, released in the 90's..
  • Sam
    The only completely ridiculous game on that list is Metroid Prime. Yes, it may have been a good game, but did anybody actually care about it, and did it affect any other game made ever? Probably only Metroid Prime 2 and 3. Certainly not one of the most influential games of the decade.
  • JJ
    lol @ the first post! most influenced game maybe, def not influential in any shape or form.
  • all e.
  • Spark
    That list is bollocks.
  • Johnnie M.
    what a crappy list.
  • John's I.
    Crazy Taxi.
  • Maxwell
    Ok fair enough, Bioshock perhaps not. I was merely trying to suggest a game that proved that games could be art. Perhaps Braid is more suitable?

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