BBC's Watchdog asked PS3 owners to 'embellish' stories

ps3The plot thickens in the row over BBC1’s Watchdog and their cack-handed coverage of the PS3 and its Yellow Light Of Death since we brought you an update yesterday.

One of the YLoD sufferers who appeared on the show has broken rank and given an anonymous interview with The Sixth Axis gaming website. In it, he is asked if Watchdog told him to embellish his story of how his PS3 YLoD’d, to which he replies: “Categorically yes.”

He also adds that Watchdog wouldn’t let him or anyone else speak to the engineers that the programme had recruited to independently fix the knackered PS3s, or to let them watch the actual repairs taking place.

The anonymous consumer went on to say: “They only aired the brief story of what had happened to one of the people on the show, when the three of us had different circumstances as to what happened in each instance."

Perhaps instead of under-researching and over-sensationalising their stories, the Watchdog crew should train a camera on Anne Robinson while she’s getting one of her frighteningly expensive hair and make-up sessions. That way the licence payers can judge if they’re really getting value for money or not.


  • TV's B.
    That Iain Lee's a funny bloke though Andy, so its not all bad news. By the way - unban my IP - its not a cookie thing :)
  • randoof
    watchdog watchdog?
  • Alan
    Watchdog has gone right down in quality if you ask me. I saw the ps3 thing and, like everty other story this series, it seems to have been completely over the top sensationalism. Also, the guy writing a different song each week is one of the most cringeworthy attention seeking bits of television I have ever seen. I went on Watchdog a couple of years ago and they actually let us tell our story and it was dealt with in a responsible manner. Sure, the stories in the last few years have tended to be smaller than what they are aiming for now, but at least they actually proper consumer stories rather than this complete drivel!
  • Gunn
    Hope they get sued and put off the air.
  • Brian
    It might have gone downhill, but that Anita's alright isn't she. I wouldn't mind giving her my yellow light of love.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    "Perhaps instead of under-researching and over-sensationalising their stories, the Watchdog crew should train a camera on Anne Robinson while she’s getting one of her frighteningly expensive hair and make-up sessions." You definately would thought wouldn't you..... :) Wouldn't you?
  • Kreedle
    It did seem like a bit of a hatchet job and if this turns out to be true I wouldn't be surprised, on the bright-side it lets us crack out all the old Anne Robinson jokes again.
  • Carl
    Ok wow what about the xbox360 light red ring of death?.
  • Dave
    @Carl Why have you put a link to news from SEPT 2006 ?
  • Space
    "TheSixth Axis gaming website." NOT a PS3 site by any chance, ?..... Watchdog probably do exactly the same thing on every other story to(Including when they done the 360) cookers, car dealers etc So what ?. Here is another story from the "same site" which probably explains why the YLOD of now out in the open.
  • Bob
    My PS3 had the same problem, took it back to the shop and got a XBox 360 Elite instead. Glad I did now.........
    It says it all really when people want Nicky Campbell back!
  • Bob2
    A few years ago a friend of mine was on holiday when there was a hotel wide pool related illness outbreak. The BBC contacted him for video footage and asked if they could borrow his camera. They then went to the hotel weeks later to film and claimed it was footage at the time of the outbreak. The BBC are liars and manipulate facts. The evidence is overwhelming yet people still think they BBC is impartial. They are not.
  • cornerford
    BBC 1 Controller Jay Hunt's other consumer programme was also controversial, the one she commissioned at Five from Money Saving Productions Ltd called It Pays to Watch. Anyone who watched it might have thought it was a huge advert for Martin Lewis. Lewis seems to have treated it as such, registering the domain, hosting the TV series website on the same server as his website, merging the two in videos confusingly called It Pay To Watch More. The TV script was at times a carbon copy of Lewis' website with the same companies he's affiliated with on MSE also recommended on It Pays to Watch. Five insisted to Ofcom it retained editorial control and that the programmes were written and produced by a series producer who was a freelance contractor engaged by the production company. The programme’s producer wrote the first draft of the programme’s running order and script. This was done independently of Lewis, according to Five. Each item was independently researched and reviewed by a member of the production team. It was just coincidence when the series was identical to MSE. Money Saving Productions' accounts show Lewis received a writer's fee which is odd since he didn't write the series. Ironically, when Five cancelled series four, Lewis blogged that a lack of sponsor was a major problem. ' Most non-news programmes on commercial TV are sponsored these days. It was something that was discussed with me, but I felt very uncomfortable about its impact on the editorial content.' Not a very important or interesting story if you weren't directly affected, aaprt from the insight it gives to the person now in charge of Watchdog as well as the lion's share of a £1.73 billion TV budget.
  • Brian
    Posted by cornerford | September 22nd, 2009 at 8:24 pm [crap]....BORING
  • Frank
    Perhaps they should take some of the £3 million sallary the BBC gives Anne Robinson and spend it on researchers and proper journalism. There are plenty of real consumer problems out there, and companies ripping people off left, right and center. Seriously, £3 million... for that? And license fees are how much?!
  • cookie
    lol, *ONE* *ANONYMOUS* person says this, so of course it must be true... lol @ all the fanboy comments on this post, most entertaining!
  • bbcresponse
  • YLOD pales in comparison to RROD and you all know it. Oh, and Sky+ fucks up all the time too and iPhones break (or run out of battery power) every nanosecond as well. I reckon we were better off with chisles and lumps of stone.
  • Free 3.
    Adding this PS3 info to my blog if thats ok dude.
  • Tyson C.
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  • Shara G.
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